Adjectives for Country

Adjectives For Country

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing country, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a country can significantly affect the conveyed image or emotion. Describing a country as own fosters a sense of belonging and pride, while whole emphasizes its unity and integrity. The term foreign introduces an element of distinction and sometimes exoticism, in contrast to native, which roots the country in familiarity and origin. An open country suggests welcoming warmth and accessibility, unlike entire, which emphasizes totality and completeness. Each adjective nuances our understanding of a country's identity, inviting a deeper exploration of its cultural tapestry and individual significance. Discover the complete range of adjectives that can paint the intricate picture of countries in colorful strokes.
ownAfter his own country had been devastated by war, he fled to a foreign land.
wholeThe whole country was in a state of chaos.
foreignI visited a foreign country last year.
nativeI am from China, which is my native country
openThe open country stretched out before them, a vast expanse of rolling hills and grassy plains.
entireThe entire country was in a state of shock after the natural disaster.
surroundingThe travelers enjoyed exploring the surrounding country
onlyThis is the only country in the world.
freeThis is a free country where people can express themselves librement.
particularIn a particular country a group of people gathered to discuss the future of their nation.
europeanI traveled to a beautiful European country last summer.
developingThe developing country faced many challenges in its pursuit of economic growth.
westernI love listening to country music from the western country
indianThe case was heard in Indian country
richHowever, the incomes of the members of this executive board are often huge in the rich country which they lead.
wildThe wild country stretched out before us, a vast and untamed wilderness.
mountainousThe mountainous country had spectacular views.
strangeI visited a strange country where the people spoke a language I had never heard before.
vastChina is a vastly vast country
flatThe flat country stretched out before us, as far as the eye could see.
agriculturalSituated in the heart of Europe, Hungary is a predominant agricultural country with nearly half of its land being used for farming.
hillyThe road meandered through the hilly country
backWe ventured deep into the back country in search of adventure.
developedJapan is a developed country
independentThe United States is an independent country
latterThe latter country has a long history of conflict.
roughThe rough country made the journey difficult.
farThe merchant traveled to a far country to sell his wares.
crossThe runners prepared for the rugged cross country race.
civilizedThe United States is a civilized country with a long history of democracy and human rights.
fineI had a fine country drive and stopped to admire the view.
adjacentI visited the adjacent country last month.
democraticThe new government in the democratic country was transitioning into power.
underdevelopedThe underdeveloped country faced many challenges in its development.
distantShe came from a distant country to find work.
neighbouringThe neighbouring country of France is Spain.
fertileThe fertile country was a perfect place for the new settlers to start their lives.
northShe has a rugged accent from the north country
belovedMy beloved country is a land of contrasts.
importingChina is a major importing country of soybeans.
socialistThe socialist country has a strong social safety net.
largestRussia is the largest country in the world.
neutralSwitzerland is a neutral country
unknownThe traveler visited an unknown country
woodedThe rugged old house was set in wooded country far away from the bustling city.
africanThe African country of Kenya is known for its beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife.
communistChina is a communist country
recipientThe recipient country is responsible for ensuring that the goods are used for their intended purpose.
neighboringWe visited the neighboring country to experience their unique culture.
asianI visited an asian country last year.
westI'm going to visit the west country this weekend.
difficultVisiting a difficult country can be an unforgettable experience.
arabI have been following the news about the Arab country for a while now.
unhappyThe unhappy country was filled with despair.
ruggedThe rugged country made travel difficult.
backwardVisiting that backward country was like stepping back in time.
conqueredThe emperor celebrated the victory and rejoiced in the conquered country
richestThe United States is the richest country in the world with a GDP of $20.89 trillion in 2020.
basqueThe Basque country is a region in northern Spain and southwestern France.
wonderfulWhat a wonderful country this is!
catholicBrazil is the largest Catholic country in the world.
advancedThe advanced country had a high standard of living.
southThe south country is known for its warm climate and beautiful beaches.
muslimUAE is a Muslim country with a rich history and culture.
populousIndia is a populous country

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