Adjectives for County

Adjectives For County

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing county, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a county can drastically alter the nuance of your sentence, painting unique landscapes of culture, geography, and personal connection. Whether speaking about the same county you've always known, exploring the whole region with fresh eyes, reconnecting with your native roots, venturing into a new county with its own quirks and charms, or cherishing your own county's familiar streets, the adjective you select carries weight. Describing a rural county, for instance, evokes images of sprawling fields and tight-knit communities, offering a distinct flavor to your narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives suited to 'county' and the rich stories they can help you tell.
sameI live in the same county as my parents.
wholeThe whole county was devastated by the hurricane.
newWe moved into the new county last week.
ownI love to visit my own county's fair every year.
ruralThe rural county was home to a small population of farmers and ranchers.
entireThe entire county is under a flood watch.
southernI went to the southern county to visit my grandparents.
northernThe northern county is known for its beautiful scenery.
presentThe matter was referred to the present county executive.
centralThe central county is responsible for managing the county's finances.
nextI'm going to the next county to visit my friend.
westernThe western county is known for its beautiful landscapes.
englishThe english county of Kent is known for its orchards and hop fields.
easternThe eastern county was home to a population of over one million people.
adjoiningThe adjoining county has a higher population density than our own.
singleThe town's population is less than the population of a single county in California.
particularHer family has lived in this particular county for over 100 years.
neighboringThe neighboring county has a much lower crime rate.
administrativeThe administrative county of Wiltshire includes the unitary authority areas of Swindon and Wiltshire.
cityThe downtown area of the city county was bustling with activity.
nearbyVisit the nearby county for more information.
adjacentI've never visited the adjacent county
largestThe largest county in Texas is Brewster County.
agriculturalJefferson County is an agricultural county located in Kentucky.
neighbouringThe neighbouring county of Norfolk is also home to many beautiful beaches.
southeasternThe southeastern county is home to a variety of wildlife.
southwesternThe southwestern county is known for its beautiful scenery.
latterThe latter county is more populous than the former.
formerI've lived in the former county for over ten years now.
northwesternWe drove up to the northwestern county to get a Christmas tree.
suburbanPrices of homes in the suburban county to the west remained the same.
northeasternThe northeastern county is a beautiful place to live.
dayThey went back to the day county and began to unravel the series of crimes.
populousThe populous county was home to a diverse population of over one million people.
separateThere are two separate county elections this year.
properThe proper county for filing the lawsuit was determined to be the county where the accident occurred.
metropolitanThe metropolitan county of Merseyside has a population of 1.5 million.
urbanThe urban county is home to a diverse population.
distantThe traveler ventured to a distant county in search of adventure.
southThe South county area is a great place to live.
remoteI grew up in a remote county where the nearest town was hours away.
typicalHe wanted to see if he could manage to live a typical county life.
richThe rich county had a lot of resources.
northThe North county is a beautiful place to live.
smallestEast Feliciana Parish is the smallest county by land area in Louisiana.
maritimeThe maritime county is located on the coast.
irishThe Irish county of Kerry is known for its stunning coastline and mountains.
democraticThe democratic county elected a new mayor.
dryBe sure to stock up on beer before you cross into the dry county
westThe man lives in west county
municipalThe municipal county is responsible for providing services to the residents of the county.
republicanThe Republican county was a stronghold of conservatism.
northwestI live in the northwest county
interThe inter county rivalry between the two schools is intense.
eastThe east county is a great place to live.
historicThe historic county of Nottinghamshire is home to many ancient monuments.
coastalThe coastal county is home to a variety of marine life.
southwestI'm heading to the southwest county to visit my grandparents.
poorestThe poorest county in the state has a median income of less than $20,000.
provincialThe provincial county had a strong economy based on agriculture.
welshThe welsh county of Glamorgan is known for its beautiful beaches.
richestThe richest county in the United States is Fairfax County, Virginia.
nobleNoble county is a county in the U.S. state of Indiana.
brazilianThe brazilian county has a vast territory.
orangeOrange county is a beautiful place to live.
autonomousThe autonomous county is located in the southwest of China.

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