Adjectives for Course

Adjectives For Course

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'course' used in various contexts, including due, whole, clinical, and ordinary. Enhance your writing and comprehension by understanding how these descriptive words bring clarity and precision to sentences related to educational paths, meal servings, and more.

dueThe report will be published in due course
wholeI took a whole course on the history of jazz.
clinicalThe clinical course of the disease is variable.
ordinaryThe bank must receive all loan applications in the ordinary course of business.
naturalThe natural course of the river meandered through the valley.
normalThe normal course of the investigation was suddenly disrupted.
yearMy year course was very difficult but I learned a lot.
bestThe best course of action is to wait and see.
onlyThis seemed her only course
generalHe also took a general course in computer science.
longShe had a long course of physical therapy after her injury.
shortThe short course helped him refresh his skills.
middleHe chose the middle course between extremes.
futureI'm not sure what the future course of action will be.
usualIn the usual course I would finish this task by Friday.
regularIn the regular course of business, she would have completed the project by now.
entireI took the entire course over the summer.
properWe should follow the proper course in order to achieve the desired outcome.
mainI ordered the fish for my main course
fullShe enjoyed a full course meal with her favorite dishes.
latterShe preferred the latter course of action.
rightWe will suggest the right course of action.
introductoryThe introductory course on computer science was very informative.
straightThe ship sailed on a straight course for the horizon.
subsequentAs a subsequent course of action, we decided to postpone the meeting until further notice.
weekI'm taking a week course on programming.
wisestLet us adopt the wisest course
dayJohn attended the day course in computer programming.
holeThe hole course was filled with gophers.
rapidThe virus's rapid course through the population alarmed scientists.
chronicThe disease has a chronic course
oppositeI'd like to take the opposite course and focus on the positive.
postoperativeThe patient had an uneventful postoperative course
graduateI am taking a graduate course in computer science.
advancedI'm taking an advanced course in computer science.
downwardThe balloon's downward course meant it would soon hit the ground.
elementaryHe took an elementary course on music.
undergraduateI'm taking an undergraduate course in computer science.
independentShe determined to study an independent course
steadyThe ship maintained a steady course through the storm.
intensiveI took an intensive course in French to prepare for my trip to Paris.
progressiveThe disease took a progressive course
safeA safe course of action is to stay home.
safestIt was the safest course to take.
typicalStudying anatomy is a typical course for a medical student.
timeThe time course of the reaction was followed by measuring the absorbance of the solution.
wiseIt is a wise course of action to listen to good advice.
prudentSetting a budget and sticking to it is a prudent course for those who wish to avoid debt.
probableThe probable course of events is that the company will continue to grow.
benignThe disease took a benign course and the patient recovered fully.
preparatoryStudents must complete a preparatory course before applying to medical school.
developmentalThe students took a developmental course in math to improve their basic skills.
prolongedThe researcher noted that the administration of the supplement resulted in a prolonged course of therapeutic effects.
academicI am taking an academic course on computer science.
classicalHe took a classical course in philosophy during his undergraduate years.
tortuousThe river wound its tortuous course through the rugged terrain.
parallelThe two rivers run a parallel course to the sea.
definiteThe ship maintained its definite course across the ocean.

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