Adjectives for Court

Adjectives For Court

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing court, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word court evokes a variety of scenarios, each nuanced by the adjectives that precede it. A supreme court holds the pinnacle of judicial authority, dealing with matters of national importance. A federal court, on the other hand, addresses issues that cross state lines, embodying the power of a centralized government. When we refer to a lower court, we're talking about the initial stages of legal adjudication, where most cases begin. An open court symbolizes transparency and justice accessible to the public, while an appellate court scrutinizes the decisions of a lower court, ensuring the law's correct application. The term juvenile court focuses on younger individuals, emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment. Each adjective unveils a different facet of the judicial system. Discover more adjectives that paint a vivid picture of various courts and their profound roles.
supremeThe Supreme court ruled that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional.
federalThe defendant was found guilty in federal court
lowerThe lower court's decision was overturned by the Supreme Court.
appellateThe appellate court upheld the lower court's decision.
juvenileThe juvenile court judge sentenced the defendant to probation.
highestThe aggrieved parties shall have a right to appeal to the highest court
royalThe royal court was abuzz with excitement as the king prepared to announce his heir.
highThe high court ruled in favor of the defendant.
frenchThe French court condemned him to life imprisonment.
superiorThe lawsuit was filed in the county superior court
imperialThe imperial court was abuzz with excitement as the news of the emperor's return spread like wildfire.
criminalThe trial took place in criminal court
wholeThe whole court cheered as the winning team ran off the field.
generalThe general court convened to address the pressing issue of healthcare reform.
englishThe english court ruled in favor of the defendant.
innerHe was later brought into the inner court and questioned further.
papalThe papal court convened in Rome to discuss the matter.
civilThe plaintiff filed a motion in civil court to request sanctions against the defendant.
outerThe outer court was crowded with people.
specialThe special court heard the case of the alleged war criminal.
militaryThe military court convened to try the accused soldier.
internationalThe accused will be tried in an international court
spanishThe Spanish court is the highest court in the country.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical court ruled that the priest was guilty of heresy.
centralThe central court made a ruling on the case.
finalThe final court issued the ruling.
municipalThe municipal court is located in the city hall.
inferiorThe defendant appealed his conviction in the inferior court to the state supreme court.
competentThe competent court has ruled in favor of the defendant.
constitutionalThe constitutional court ruled that the law was unconstitutional.
romanThe accused was brought before the Roman court
persianThe Persian court was a center of culture and learning.
permanentThe city appointed a permanent court to hear cases of civil disobedience.
chineseThe Chinese court ruled in favor of the plaintiff.
admiraltyThe admiralty court awarded the salvage company a large sum of money.
russianThe russian court rejected the appeal of the convicted person.
provincialThe provincial court found the defendant guilty of theft.
administrativeThe administrative court found in favor of the plaintiff in a dispute with the government agency.
judicialThe judicial court ruled in favor of the plaintiff.
brilliantThe brilliant court dazzled the crowd with their dazzling performance.
byzantineIntrigue ran rampant through the byzantine court
intermediateThe intermediate court upheld the lower court's ruling.
pavedI played tennis with my friend in the paved court yesterday.
interiorThe interior court was spacious and filled with natural light.
heavenlyThe delegates will meet in the heavenly court tomorrow.
mughalThe Mughal court was a centre of culture and learning.
adultThe case was transferred to adult court because of the severity of the crime.
splendidThe magnificent costumes and elaborate rituals of the splendid court dazzled the visiting dignitaries.
honorableWe will submit the necessary documents to the honorable court
austrianShe spent much of her time at the Austrian court
spaciousThe spacious court allowed ample room for the children to play.
secularThe secular court system does not take into account religious beliefs when making decisions.
hamptonThe historic Hampton court Palace is located on the River Thames in southwest London.
manorialThe manorial court was held in the great hall of the manor house.
scottishThe Scottish court found him guilty of murder.
corruptThe corrupt court's rulings have eroded public trust in the justice system.
backThe back court has three players on it at all times.

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