Adjectives for Cover

Adjectives For Cover

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cover, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with the noun 'cover' can dramatically alter the meaning conveyed in a sentence, revealing not just the physical but the metaphorical layers it might possess. A 'front cover' suggests the very forefront, an introduction to what lies ahead, while a 'back cover' hints at the last protective barrier or the concluding segment of a narrative. The 'inside cover' pulls one into the intimate beginnings of a story, whereas a 'protective cover' emphasizes safety and shielding. 'Vegetative cover' transports one into the realms of natural shields, and a 'thick cover' denotes denseness that both hides and protects. Each adjective when paired with 'cover' unfolds a unique aspect, inviting readers into a world of nuanced descriptions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'cover' to enrich your writing and uncover the layers of meaning each combination can create.
frontThe front cover of the book was a vibrant shade of blue.
backThe back cover of the book featured a stunning photograph of a mountain range.
insideI found a map of the city on the inside cover of the book.
protectiveThe protective cover of the book was made of leather.
vegetativeExtensive vegetative cover can slow the rate of soil erosion.
thickI walked through the thick cover to get a better look at the deer.
hardThe book had a black hard cover with gold lettering.
denseThe underbrush provided dense cover for the secretive fox.
topThe military operation was a top cover for the secret mission.
heavyOur unit set out under heavy cover of darkness.
softI picked up the soft cover book from the shelf.
plasticThe plastic cover was cracked and needed to be replaced.
naturalThe hunters used natural cover to get closer to the deer.
thinThe thin cover of the book was easily torn.
outerThe outer cover of the book was damaged.
lowThe low cover was not enough to protect the plants from the frost.
concreteThe concrete cover provides protection to the steel reinforcement.
separateThe spouses agreed to file a tax return using a separate cover
greenThe sprawling green cover was a refreshing sight for the weary traveler.
originalThe original cover of the book was designed by a famous artist.
excellentThe singer had excellent cover in the gig.
adequateThe witness provided adequate cover for the police during the arrest.
redHe carries a thick book with a red cover
continuousThe ground was covered by a continuous cover of snow.
blueI can't find the book with the blue cover
rearThe book had a torn rear cover
perfectThe heavy foliage provided perfect cover for the deer to hide from predators.
woodenThe book had a wooden cover that protected it from damage.
fittingThe rugged phone case provided a fitting cover for the adventurer's iPhone.
completeThe snow provided complete cover for the animals.
upperThe upper cover of the box was damaged.
antibioticThe patient was prescribed an antibiotic cover for the upcoming surgery.
tightWe put a tight cover on the pot to keep the heat in.
landThe study of land cover involved the remote sensing of the Earth's surface.
outsideEnsure that the books' outside cover is not crumpled.
minimumThe minimum cover of the graph is three edges.
coralThe coral cover on the reef has decreased significantly over the past few years.
permanentThe trees provided permanent cover for the animals.
innerI opened the book to reveal the beautiful inner cover
overheadThe soldiers took cover under the overhead cover during the gunfight.
lightThe book had a light cover with a simple design.
sufficientThe insurance policy provides sufficient cover for the cost of the repairs.
sparseThe trees provided sparse cover from the rain.
hingedThe hinged cover of the box was open.
removableThe removable cover made it easy to access the components.
extensiveThe insurance policy provides extensive cover for all types of accidents.
transparentThe box had a transparent cover revealing the contents inside.
suitableLet us make sure to provide suitable cover to protect the plants from the rain.
andShe needed to find work and cover her expenses.
convenientThe witness provided a remarkably convenient cover for the prime suspect during the investigation.
tableShe stains a table cover by spilling her coffee.
groundThe ground cover is a thick carpet of moss and ferns.
stiffThe book had a stiff cover
yellowThe book with the yellow cover is on the table.
attractiveThe book has an attractive cover that makes it stand out on the shelf.
forestThe forest cover has decreased significantly due to climate change.
temporaryThe car was in a temporary cover while being repaired.
brownThe book had a brown cover
availableThe available cover is adequate for the risks involved.
looseThe loose cover allows the book to be easily removed
waterproofThe waterproof cover protected the book from the rain.
nearestFind the nearest cover and take shelter immediately.
minimalThe minimal cover of the set is {a, b, c}.
partialThe insurance policy provides partial cover for accidental damage.
glossyThe magazine had a glossy cover that caught my eye.

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