Adjectives for Coverage

Adjectives For Coverage

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing coverage, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe coverage can significantly impact the perception of the subject. Whether it's complete coverage that leaves no stone unturned, extensive coverage that spreads far and wide, full coverage that covers all aspects, comprehensive coverage that considers every detail, good coverage that satisfies basic requirements, or adequate coverage that meets the bare minimum - each adjective carries its own weight and nuance. These adjectives help shape the expectations and satisfaction of readers, distinguishing between sheer quantity and the quality of the coverage. Dive deep into the subtleties of these descriptors in our full list of adjectives below.
completeThe insurance policy provides complete coverage for all types of vehicles.
extensiveThe blog post provided extensive coverage of the latest technological advancements.
fullThe comprehensive insurance policy provides full coverage against any unexpected accidents.
comprehensiveI purchased comprehensive coverage for my new car.
goodThis insurance policy provides good coverage for your car.
adequateWe ensure adequate coverage to cater to your needs.
limitedThe insurance policy only provides limited coverage for accidents.
totalThis sunscreen ensures total coverage for your skin.
detailedWe provide detailed coverage of the latest news and events.
additionalWe have additional coverage for our car insurance.
antibioticThe antibiotic coverage of this new drug is excellent.
betterThe new insurance policy provides better coverage at a lower cost.
excellentThe insurance policy provides excellent coverage for a wide range of risks.
geographicalThe geographical coverage of the program is limited to the state of California.
internationalThe newspaper provided comprehensive international coverage
globalThe company provides global coverage for its products.
thoroughThe report provides thorough coverage of the recent developments in the industry.
greaterThe new insurance policy provides greater coverage for accidents.
geographicThe geographic coverage of the study is limited to the United States.
maximumThe maximum coverage of the insurance policy is one million dollars.
privateOne of the biggest selling points for Medicare Advantage is that it includes private coverage
depthThe field engineers provided depth coverage of the site, ensuring all areas were inspected.
broaderInsurance companies that offer broader coverage tend to charge higher premiums.
widerThe product's wider coverage will help us reach more customers.
subjectI am not sure subject coverage means.
continuousThe reporter provided continuous coverage of the breaking news story.
inadequateThe insurance policy provided inadequate coverage for the damages.
extendedThe insurance policy offers extended coverage for accidents and emergencies.
widespreadThe widespread coverage of the storm included live updates from affected areas.
favorableThe company received favorable coverage in the media for its recent environmental initiative.
positiveThe new park received overwhelmingly positive coverage in the local newspaper.
partialThe insurance policy provided partial coverage for the damages.
lessThe insurance policy provides less coverage than I expected.
incompleteThe insurance policy provided incomplete coverage for the damages, leaving me with additional expenses.
spatialThe spatial coverage of the data is limited to the United States.
effectiveThe high-quality signal boosts effective coverage
uniformUniform coverage is required for a high-quality paint job.
overallThe overall coverage of the healthcare plan was quite comprehensive, providing full protection for all of my family's medical needs.
sufficientThe insurance policy provides sufficient coverage for the property.
continuationYou can usually elect to receive continuation coverage if your employer's group health plan ends, and you lose your health coverage as a result.
worldwideThe company offers worldwide coverage for its products.
softThe soft coverage provided by the clouds made the day ideal for a picnic.
pageThe recent advertisement had wonderful page coverage
appropriateAppropriate coverage of a story is essential for accurate reporting.
photographicThe event will have photographic coverage
substantial"Substantial coverage" provides a wide range of protection and benefits.
dailyWe appreciate your daily coverage of the local news.
contentWe need to ensure that our curriculum has complete and accurate content coverage
regularWe have regular coverage of all the important news stories.
regionalThe company has regional coverage in the Midwest and Southeast.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive coverage of the topic left no stone unturned.
balancedThe article provided balanced coverage of the issue, giving equal weight to both sides of the argument.
minimumThe minimum coverage for the insurance policy is $10,000.
hourThe insurance will provide you with 24-hour coverage.
systematicThis database provides systematic coverage of social science literature.
intensiveThe insurance policy offered intensive coverage for all types of risks.
termTerm coverage is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a specific period of time.
nationwideThe company's products have nationwide coverage and can be found in most major retailers.
timeThe insurance policy had a time coverage of one year.

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