Adjectives for Credit

Adjectives For Credit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing credit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'credit' can be enhanced with various adjectives, each adding its own shade of meaning and context. Describing something as 'great credit' applauds exceptional achievement, while 'much credit' quantifies the accolade, often in relation to efforts or results. 'Public credit' shifts the focus to societal or communal recognition, highlighting broader acceptance or acknowledgment. When someone receives 'full credit,' it signifies complete recognition of their contributions, leaving no room for doubt. 'Proper credit' talks about giving due recognition, emphasizing fairness and appropriateness. Meanwhile, 'more credit' suggests an increase in acknowledgment or appreciation over time. Each adjective unlocks a new perspective on recognition and appreciation. Discover the full array of adjectives linked to 'credit' and how they can enrich your understanding below.
greatThe company attributed its success to the great credit of its employees.
muchThe book has much credit for her current position.
publicGovernment borrowing from public sources is expanding public credit
fullThe student received full credit for the assignment.
properThe researcher received proper credit for their discovery.
moreYou'll have more credit when you pay your bills on time
littleDespite his recent successes, he received little credit for his work.
termShe took term credit for the summer class.
agriculturalFarmers often need to take out agricultural credit to cover production costs.
dueHe received due credit for his hard work.
foreignThe foreign credit tax offset may not be claimed for taxes paid on foreign-sourced business income.
commercialThe company's commercial credit has been downgraded by the rating agency.
domesticThe central bank raised domestic credit to increase lending.
ruralThe rural credit cooperatives provide financial services to farmers and other rural residents.
totalShe got total credit for her work.
personalHe had excellent personal credit and a high income.
extraThe student earned extra credit by completing the optional assignment.
nationalThe national credit rating was downgraded by two notches.
academicStudents pursued research to earn academic credit
privatePrivate credit can provide borrowers with more flexibility and lower costs than traditional bank loans.
additionalThe student earned additional credit for their exceptional work on the project.
easyThe easy credit has made it possible for many consumers to purchase goods and services that they otherwise could not afford.
greatestThe company has been given the greatest credit for its recent success.
institutionalThe company received institutional credit to finance its operations and expansion.
cheapDespite cheap credit many individuals struggle to make ends meet.
highestHe had the highest credit score of all the applicants.
lessI wish I had less credit card debt.
unifiedThe unified credit is a tax credit that is applied against your estate tax liability.
netThe company's net credit was $10 million.
enoughHer good academic performance gave her enough credit to get into a good college.
partialHe received partial credit for the work, as it was not entirely satisfactory.
financialThe bank offered me a financial credit to help me buy a new car.
considerableHe had a considerable credit in the community.
unlimitedShe had unlimited credit so she bought whatever she wanted.
operativeThe operative credit is given to the surgeon who performed the majority of the surgery.
internationalMany banks offer international credit cards for travelers.
federalThe bank has been approved to issue federal credit to its customers
sufficientThe company has sufficient credit to cover its expenses.
availableThe available credit on my account is running low.
maximumHe will be awarded a maximum credit of one dollar.
chiefHe was a chief credit to his profession.
equalI am entitled to equal credit terms regardless of my race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age.
subsidizedAccess to subsidized credit has been expanded to small businesses as part of the government's stimulus package.
cooperativeThe cooperative credit union offers low-interest rates and flexible loan terms to its members.
soleThe scientists deserve sole credit for the medical breakthrough.
everlastingThe pioneering work of Marie Curie in radioactivity will always receive everlasting credit
infinite"infinite credit" is a metaphor for unlimited access to financial resources.
adequateThe project requires adequate credit to complete on time.
extendedThe store extended credit to the customer, allowing them to make purchases without paying immediately.
formalHe has formal credit for courses in algebra, geometry, and statistics.
microMicro credit is a small loan given to poor people who do not have access to traditional banking services.
outstandingHe has an outstanding credit of 1000 dollars.
refundableThe refundable credit can be applied to taxes due on the following year's tax return.
eternalHis name will be held in eternal credit by the nation.
unusedThe credit card had a high limit, but most of it was unused credit
lastingThe experience granted lasting credit to their abilities.
documentaryDocumentary credit is a letter of credit issued by a bank that guarantees payment to the seller if the buyer fails to pay.
informalInformal credit is often provided by local moneylenders or family members at high interest rates.
taxThe tax credit will help offset the cost of college tuition.
advancedI was able to get advanced credit for my previous coursework.
bankThe company secured a $10 million bank credit to finance its expansion.
mercantileOur mercantile credit is a convenient and flexible way to purchase the products and services you need.

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