Adjectives for Credits

Adjectives For Credits

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing credits, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the intricate world of finance and academia, the term credits carries significant weight, adorned with an array of descriptive adjectives that can subtly alter its meaning. Whether discussing the total credits needed for graduation, the complexities of term credits in academic planning, the nuances of foreign credits in international education, the dynamics of commercial credits in business transactions, or the importance of additional credits for professional development, each adjective injects a unique perspective into conversations. Moreover, the term long credits often sparks discussions about financial strategies and academic commitments. These variations only scratch the surface, inviting a deeper exploration into how each adjective colors the concept of credits. Discover the full spectrum below.
termThe student needs five more term credits to graduate.
foreignThe company received foreign credits of $10 million last year.
commercialI had seen his face on so many commercial credits
additionalShe earned additional credits by taking summer courses.
longThe movie had extremely long credits
ruralHe received rural credits to improve his agricultural production.
enoughHe has enough credits to graduate.
agriculturalOne of the most effective ways to encourage sustainable agriculture is by increasing agricultural credits for farmers.
specialThe movie has special credits for the acrobats who performed the stunts.
academicThe course provides 3 academic credits
sovietThe country is heavily dependent on soviet credits for development.
privateThe company issued private credits to investors.
excessHe graduated with excess credits so he was able to complete his master's degree in one year.
necessaryI have completed all the necessary credits to graduate.
militaryHe used his military credits to pay for his college education.
furtherThese cells were employed in further credits in the low-pass filter setting.
financialFinancial credits refer to a type of financing provided by financial institutions.
federalWe have to look into the federal credits available to low- and moderate-income families.
internationalShe has several international credits to her name.
unusedHe had some unused credits left over from his last project.
documentaryDocumentary credits are financial instruments used in international trade to ensure the payment of goods or services.
refundableWe offer refundable credits to customers who cancel their subscriptions within 30 days.
shortThe short credits rolled after the brief film.
deferredDeferred credits are recorded on the balance sheet as a separate line item under the section of current liabilities.
westernThe film had many western credits
final"The final credits roll as the audience applauds the performance on stage."
officialThe official credits for the film were released last week.
extraThe students were given extra credits for their excellent work.
outstandingThe student has outstanding credits in mathematics.
mixedHe received mixed credits for his performance.
substantialThe CEO of the company has accumulated substantial credits towards his retirement.
subsidizedThe college offers subsidized credits for low-income students.
cheapThe lack of cheap credits is a major setback for the project.
externalThe company is looking for external credits to finance its expansion.
sufficientThe student had sufficient credits to graduate.
availableWe have limited time, and we need to see how many available credits we have on our account.
netThe net credits will be transferred to your account.
equalThe students who will graduate have equal credits
extensiveShe has extensive credits in television.
technicalThe movie's technical credits are impressive.
domesticWe have paid all our domestic credits such as water and gas.
generousThe generous credits helped the student succeed in the class.
appropriateDon't forget to give appropriate credits to the original authors.
nonrefundableThe nonrefundable credits are a type of tax credit that cannot be carried forward or refunded if not used in the year they are earned.
followingThe director wants to see the actor following credits
timeBusinesses may offer their employees time credits for volunteering.
pastI reviewed his past credits and was impressed with his work experience.
preferentialThe company received preferential credits from the government for its green initiatives.
partialThere were partial credits given for the correct steps shown.
lessI have less credits than my friend.
liberalThe liberal credits in her field of study helped her develop her critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
mutualThe two companies have mutual credits with each other.
requiredThe student needs to complete the required credits to graduate.
warThe government issued war credits to citizens to finance its military operations.
frozenOur retirement plans, with their frozen credits are inadequate for our needs.
photographicThe photographic credits for this article are listed at the bottom.
transferableMy coursework included a number of transferable credits that allowed me to complete my degree in two years.
syndicatedThe nationally syndicated credits were a huge marketing coup for the company.
fewerTo graduate, I need to enroll in fewer credits next semester.

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