Adjectives for Criticism

Adjectives For Criticism

Discover the most fitting adjectives for criticism, including 'literary', 'social', 'much', and 'constructive'. Enhance your writing with precise adjectives that enrich your sentences, providing clear context and depth to your critiques. A vital resource for writers, scholars, and anyone looking to articulate detailed criticism effectively.

literaryLiterary criticism is the study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature.
socialThe film's social criticism resonated with audiences.
muchThe plan has faced much criticism
constructiveHer constructive criticism helped me improve my writing skills.
historicalThe historical criticism of the Bible has been used to understand the historical development of the biblical texts.
severeHis speech drew severe criticism and has led to much introspection.
publicThe public criticism of the politician was harsh.
biblicalBiblical criticism is the study of the textual and historical aspects of the Bible.
modernModern criticism argues that Cunningham's poetry lacks depth and complexity.
textualThe field of textual criticism deals with the study of texts and their transmission over time.
adverseThe company has faced adverse criticism for its environmental practices.
seriousThe report included serious criticism of the company's environmental policies.
selfSelf criticism is a valuable tool for personal growth.
sharpThe proposal faced sharp criticism from industry leaders.
higherSome scholars use higher criticism to analyze religious texts.
contemporary"The issue of identity formation in contemporary criticism" was the thesis of her lecture.
harshHis assistant had to face harsh criticism due to his careless mistakes.
recentThe company has faced recent criticism for its environmental policies.
considerableThe company has faced considerable criticism for its environmental practices.
culturalCultural criticism is a type of criticism that evaluates cultural phenomena, such as art, literature, music, and film.
negativeI'm so sick of hearing negative criticism all the time.
hostileThe audience gave the politician hostile criticism
detailedThe research team submitted a new paper that included detailed criticism of the project's assumptions.
bitterHe was met with bitter criticism from his colleagues.
widespreadThe widespread criticism of the government's decision led to its eventual reversal.
rhetoricalThe rhetorical criticism of the speech revealed the speaker's underlying motives.
practical"Practical criticism" is a method of literary analysis that focuses on the close reading of a text.
constantHer constant criticism made me feel like I could never do anything right.
scientificThe scientific criticism of the theory was extensive and detailed.
radicalThe radical criticism of the existing system has sparked a movement for change.
validHer review of the movie was full of valid criticism
philosophicalThe philosophical criticism of the theory focused on its lack of clarity and coherence.
fairThe politician's fair criticism of the opposition's policies resonated with the public.
rationalThe rational criticism of the proposal highlighted its inherent flaws.
valuableHis valuable criticism of my work was greatly appreciated.
frequentHer frequent criticism of the company's policies made her unpopular with her colleagues.
aestheticThe book review uses aesthetic criticism to evaluate the work's artistic merit.
academicThe academic criticism is that the study's sample size is too small to be statistically significant.
aboveThe lawyer's performance was above criticism
honestThe product was great, but I would offer some honest criticism
soundWe value your sound criticism as it helps us improve our products and services.
musicalHer musical criticism was both insightful and cutting.
mutualThe company fosters mutual criticism to encourage professional growth.
fundamentalThe fundamental criticism of the new theory is that it does not account for the data collected in previous experiments.
verbalThe manager offered some verbal criticism of my work performance.
shakespeareanShakespearean criticism has been characterized by its diversity and richness.
centuryThe century criticism was a major development in the history of literary criticism.
trenchantThe book's trenchant criticism of the government's policies was widely praised.
legitimateThe article contained legitimate criticism of the government's policies.
outspokenThe outspoken criticism from the opposition party has put the government on the defensive.
intenseThe proposal faced intense criticism from environmentalists.

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