Adjectives for Custom

Adjectives For Custom

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing custom, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'custom' can significantly alter the meaning and context of a statement. An 'old custom' nostalgically recalls traditions passed through generations, while an 'ancient custom' evokes a deeper historical resonance. A 'usual custom' suggests a common practice, contrasting with a 'local custom,' which highlights regional uniqueness. 'Social' and 'general customs' touch upon the practices adopted within communities and broader societal norms, respectively. Each adjective not only modifies 'custom' but also invites us into a more nuanced understanding of habits and traditions. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the rich tapestry of customs around the world.
oldThe old custom of exchanging gifts during the holidays is a tradition that has been passed down for generations.
ancientThe ancient custom of the tribe is still practiced today.
usualThey followed their usual custom of taking a walk after dinner.
localWe were told to follow the local custom of removing our shoes before entering the temple.
socialVisitors to the country should be aware of the local social customs.
generalMany people believe in the general custom of giving gifts on birthdays.
commonThe common custom of shaking hands is said to have originated as a way to show that one was not carrying a weapon.
universalThe custom of shaking hands when greeting someone is a universal custom
englishHe has been educated according to English custom
traditionalWe must follow the traditional custom of our ancestors.
curiousThe curious custom of the village elders has always fascinated me.
tribalThe tribal custom was to offer the first fruits of the harvest to the gods.
indianThe Indian custom of arranged marriage is still prevalent in some parts of the country.
similarThe people of this town have a similar custom to those of the neighboring village.
immemorialThe immemorial custom of the tribe was to hunt for food in the nearby forest.
invariableIt was an invariable custom on such occasions that all the companies dined together.
romanGladiators were an important part of Roman custom
barbarousThe barbarous custom of foot binding was once widespread in China.
strangeIt was a strange custom to worship the sun.
religiousThe religious custom was practiced by the entire village.
establishedThe new employees quickly adapted to the established custom of arriving at work early.
widespreadThe widespread custom of exchanging gifts during the holiday season brings joy to many people.
internationalInternational custom requires passengers to carry passports when traveling abroad.
singularThe singular custom was observed throughout the village.
popularIt is a popular custom in many cultures to give gifts on birthdays.
peculiarThe peculiar custom of eating insects is common in some cultures.
japaneseHe politely declined the offer, citing Japanese custom
primitiveThe primitive custom was still practiced in some remote villages.
europeanThe european custom of serving tea with milk is common in many countries.
regularWe offer discounts to customers who make regular custom
spanishThe Spanish custom of having a siesta is a great way to relax in the afternoon.
frenchWe had a dinner party with French custom last week.
honored"It is an honored custom in our village to welcome guests with a feast and music.
orientalThe oriental custom of bowing as a show of respect can be traced back centuries.
greekShe wore a dress that followed the greek custom
evilThe evil custom of foot binding was once prevalent in China.
prevalentThe prevalent custom in our society is to shake hands when meeting someone for the first time.
formerHe continued to observe the former custom of taking off his shoes before entering the house.
mereThe mere custom of a particular thought or opinion can make us think it true.
feudalThe village is under a variety of feudal customs.
annualMy annual custom is to get together with my family on Christmas Eve.
russianThe Russian custom of banya, a steam bath, has been enjoyed for centuries
ordinaryI prefer its ordinary custom to the extravagant one.
dailyThe daily custom of the tribe was to meet at sunrise for a council meeting.
cruelThe cruel custom of foot binding in China caused great suffering.
africanThe African custom of bride price is still practiced in many parts of the continent.
paganThe ancient pagan custom of sacrificing animals was still practiced in some parts of the world.
pleasantA pleasant custom was to exchange gifts with friends and family during the holidays.
beautifulShe wore a beautiful custom dress to the party.
honouredThe honoured custom of bowing to the audience before performing was a poignant moment.
ancestralThe ancestral custom was passed down from generation to generation.
egyptianThe Egyptian custom of mummification involved wrapping the body in linen and preserving it with natron.
quaintThe quaint custom of the old town fascinated the visitors.
laudableThe laudable custom of donating to charity has been practiced for centuries.
arabIn accordance with Arab custom guests are always offered coffee or tea.
frequentWe value your frequent custom
perniciousThe pernicious custom of foot binding has been abolished in China.
medievalIn accordance with medieval custom the heirs were required to share the inheritance equally.
standingThe standing custom of the company is to have weekly meetings on Mondays.
irishThe parade is an Irish custom celebrated in many cities.
prettyHer pretty custom purse matched her stylish outfit.
italianWe should follow the Italian custom of eating different food on different days of the week.
piousThe pious custom of saying grace before meals is still observed in many households.

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