Adjectives for Cut

Adjectives For Cut

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cut, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'cut' can be modified by a plethora of adjectives, each bringing its unique nuance and depth to the narrative. A 'short' cut implies brevity and efficiency, while a 'clear' cut signifies precision and unambiguity. The 'first' cut introduces a notion of initiation or beginning, contrasting with the 'final' cut, which denotes conclusion and completeness. A 'clean' cut suggests neatness and smoothness, whereas a 'deep' cut conveys severity or intensity. The choice of adjective not only describes the cut itself but also sets the tone and intent behind it, offering a window into the speaker's perspective or the situation at hand. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'cut' and uncover the intricate meanings they encapsulate.
shortI took a short cut home to save time.
clearThere was a clear cut choice between the two candidates.
cleanThe clean cut young man was the picture of confidence.
deepMy wrist has a deep cut from the broken glass.
finalThe director has the final cut of the film.
second'Second Cut' is a famous cultivar of timothy hay.
roughThe rough cut of the film was over three hours long.
openThe open cut mine was a large, gaping hole in the ground.
freshlyThe freshly cut flowers filled the room with their sweet fragrance.
straightHer long brown hair was cut in a straight cut style.
sharpThe sharp cut made a clean incision.
verticalThe vertical cut made by the knife was perfectly clean.
unkindestThe unkindest cut was her sharp words.
annualThe annual cut provides each of the 29 states with a specific amount of money from the federal government.
fineThe tailor pressed his fine cut suit carefully.
freshThe scent of fresh cut grass filled the air.
crossThe carpenter cross cut the wood with his saw.
shortestThe shortest cut is often the most dangerous.
horizontalThe horizontal cut of the rock allowed for a smooth and even surface.
woodThe intricate wood cut depicted a majestic eagle soaring through the sky.
lightThe dim light cut through the darkness.
badThe bad cut on his arm needed stitches.
slightHe has a slight cut on his finger.
annexedThe annexed cut was precise and clean.
drasticThe company announced a drastic cut in its workforce.
shapedThe fabric was cut into a shaped cut
shallowThe doctor carefully tended to the shallow cut on his arm.
topI prefer my steak cooked 'top cut,' with just a touch of pink in the middle.
shorterWe can take the shorter cut to reach home earlier.
severeThe severe cut on his hand required immediate medical attention.
longitudinalThe researcher made a longitudinal cut along the surface of the skin.
smoothThe knife's smooth cut sliced through the paper like butter.
nastyI got a nasty cut on my finger while chopping vegetables.
readyThese windows have ready cut windows.
cleanlyThe new recruit was cleanly cut
coldI like to eat cold cuts on rye bread.
squareThe gemstone had a square cut
diagonalThe dress had a diagonal cut neckline that was very flattering.
quickThe editor made a quick cut of the film.
allowableThe allowable cut for this tree is 10%
substantialThe company announced a substantial cut in its workforce.
doubleThe electrician used a double cut to sever the wire.
inchThe inch cut was just enough to fix the broken pipe.
minimumThe minimum cut of the graph is 2.
plumbThe park trees were plumb cut and looked deformed.
minimalThe minimal cut of the graph is 2.
hairI went to the barber to get a hair cut

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