Adjectives for Daily

Adjectives For Daily

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing daily, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun 'daily' can subtly change its meaning and nuance. An 'open daily' suggests accessibility and openness, inviting everyone in. A 'fresh daily' emphasizes newness and vitality, promising something revitalized each day. 'Metropolitan daily' and 'national daily' position a publication in a wider urban or countrywide context, suggesting a broad scope of coverage. The term 'kommersant daily' might hint at business-oriented content, whereas 'local daily' focuses on the community's heartbeat. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, shaping how we perceive the daily subject at hand. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the diverse aspects of 'daily' and how they can enhance your message or content.
openThe store is open daily
freshThe bakery offers a fresh daily selection of breads and pastries.
metropolitanThe metropolitan daily newspaper had an article about the upcoming election.
nationalI read the national daily to stay informed about current events.
kommersantKommersant daily is a Russian daily newspaper published in Moscow.
localI read the local daily every morning during breakfast.
averageThe average daily temperature in January is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
majorHe reads the major daily newspapers every morning.
publicThe public daily was very popular in that village.
officialThe official daily newspaper of the college is the Collegiate News.
fatHe had to consume 5,000 calories fat daily to meet the goal of his weight gain.
germanThe German daily newspaper reported on the recent political developments.
yiddishShe went through her grandmother's yiddish daily and found a letter.
largestThe football players ate their largest daily meal after training.
popularThis is a popular daily online magazine that covers a wide range of topics.
bigShe had a big daily task to complete.
chineseI read the Chinese daily every morning.
languageIt is important to practice a language daily
liberalThe liberal daily is an opinionated newspaper.
communistI read the communist daily and it was very informative.
financialI read the financial daily every morning to keep up with the latest market trends.
englishI read an English daily every morning.
conservativeThe conservative daily had the article on the front page.
provincialThe provincial daily provided an in-depth analysis of the election results.
influentialThe influential daily newspaper reported on the latest political scandal.
socialistThe socialist daily condemned the government's austerity measures.
equivalentThe equivalent daily dose should be approximately 9 mg.
worseThe situation gets worse daily
regionalI always read the regional daily
democraticThe democratic daily is a newspaper that covers politics and current events.
sickI'm feeling sick daily
japaneseI read the Japanese daily every morning.
polishShe would polish daily until the floor was sparkling.
italian"The Italian daily reported that the local government had approved the construction of a new bridge across the river."
minI'm trying to reach my min daily steps.
oldestThe oldest daily newspaper in the United States was founded in 1784
5pmThe workshop is held at 5pm daily
monthlyI pay the monthly daily for my bus pass.
arabicI read the Arabic daily to keep up with the news.
hindiI read hindi daily
hourI spend an hour daily reading the news.
seniorThe senior daily attends the local community college.
turkishThe Turkish daily Hurriyet has reported that the government is planning to impose a new tax on social media companies.
radicalThe activist's radical daily actions caused a stir in the community.
biggestThe biggest daily fluctuation in the stock market was due to the release of disappointing economic data.
routineI stick to a routine daily to maintain my health and well-being.
basedThe nutrition facts are based daily on a 2,000 calorie diet.
thyroxineHer doctor prescribed her thyroxine daily
suburbanThe suburban daily makes for a dull read.
6pmThe store is open until 6pm daily
republicanRepublican daily is a partisan news website and online newspaper that supports the Republican Party in the United States.
intactDespite his injuries, John's intact daily routine helped him to cope with the trauma.
online She browsed online daily for new recipes.

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