Adjectives for Dairy

Adjectives For Dairy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dairy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe dairy products can significantly affect the perception of quality, source, and scale. For instance, non-dairy options cater to those with dietary restrictions or ethical concerns, highlighting inclusivity and conscious choices. Meanwhile, adjectives like small and large can imply artisanal charm or industrial efficiency, respectively. Local dairy suggests community support and freshness, whereas operative or own dairy can introduce a sense of collaboration or personal touch in production. The nuances in these descriptors are crucial for consumers making informed decisions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with dairy and the unique contexts they uncover below.
nonI prefer non dairy milk in my coffee.
smallThe small dairy provided fresh milk to the local community.
largeIt is a large dairy farm with over a thousand cows.
localI bought some fresh milk from the local dairy
operativeThe operative dairy was closed for cleaning and maintenance.
modernThe modern dairy industry has come a long way in terms of efficiency and technology.
littleI'm allergic to dairy, so I only eat a little dairy
cooperativeThe cooperative dairy industry provides local farmers with the opportunity to collectively market and distribute their products.
oldThe old dairy had been abandoned for years, its roof caved in and its walls crumbling.
fatI went to the store to buy fat dairy
commercialThe commercial dairy industry is a large and complex one.
fineThe store stocks some fine dairy products imported from Europe.
privateI keep a private dairy to record my daily thoughts and experiences.
largestThe largest dairy in the world is in California.
bigBig dairy is a major player in the food industry.
coolTry a glass of our cool dairy milk.
cleanThe clean dairy brought fresh milk to the store.
centralThe central dairy is responsible for producing a majority of the city's milk supply.
organicThe organic dairy farm provides fresh milk without any added hormones or antibiotics.
averageThe average dairy cow produces about 5,000 gallons of milk per year.
nearbyThe nearby dairy has the best milk in town.
successfulThe successful dairy farm has a reputation for producing high-quality milk.
ordinaryFresh milk is an ordinary dairy product that can be found in most refrigerators.
extensiveThe extensive dairy was home to thousands of cows.
sacredThe sacred dairy was a place where the priestesses made cheese and butter for the gods.
sanitaryThe milk was produced in a sanitary dairy
formerThe former dairy was transformed into a trendy restaurant.
mixedI enjoy mixed dairy in my morning coffee.
braveThe brave dairy faced the challenges head-on.
specializedThe supermarket had a specialized dairy section with a wide variety of cheeses.
certifiedThe certified dairy provided fresh milk to the community.
andThe store sold both produce and dairy
allAll dairy products contain lactose.
intensiveThe intensive dairy industry has been criticized for its environmental impact.
niceThe nice dairy in town is known for its fresh milk.
danishDanish dairy is renowned for its quality and freshness.
excellentThe local farmers' market offers excellent dairy products.
hogThe hog dairy was a smelly place, but it was home to some of the happiest pigs you'd ever see.
freshI prefer ice cream made with fresh dairy
typicalTypical dairy includes milk, cheese, and yogurt.
chineseThe Chinese dairy industry is growing rapidly.
infectedThe infected dairy products were recalled due to the risk of food poisoning.
royalThe royal dairy is known for its high-quality products.
acreThe acre dairy is located just outside of town.
twiceI drink twice dairy every day.
prosperousThe prosperous dairy produced gallons of milk daily.
swissThe Swiss dairy industry is renowned for its high-quality products.
meatHe looked at the meat dairy section.
keptHe kept dairy cows and sold their milk for income.
agriculturalMilk from an agricultural dairy is typically fresher than that from a factory.
dutchThe Dutch dairy industry is known for its high-quality cheese and milk products.
municipalThe municipal dairy provides fresh milk to the local community.
famousKraft is a famous dairy company.
profitableThe profitable dairy is a thriving business.
retailThe store has a large retail dairy section.
fermentedI love the taste of fermented dairy products.
sizedShe asked for an extra-large sized dairy coffee.
nearestThe nearest dairy is just a few blocks away.
rawRaw dairy is dairy that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.
hugeThe huge dairy farm produced thousands of gallons of milk each day.
nonfatI love to drink nonfat dairy milk in the morning.

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