Adjectives for Dam

Adjectives For Dam

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dam, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'dam' on its own conjures up images of massive structures holding back rivers, but the adjectives used with it can greatly alter that picture. A 'new dam' suggests recent advancements and techniques in construction, while a 'high dam' emphasizes its sheer scale and the engineering marvel it represents. Describing a dam as 'great' speaks to its significance or impact, possibly in terms of hydroelectric power generated or areas served. 'Concrete' and 'large' focus on the material and size, giving a clear indication of the dam's physical attributes. An 'old dam', on the other hand, might evoke history, durability, or the need for maintenance. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, painting a more vivid picture of these impressive structures. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with dams below.
newThe new dam was built to prevent flooding.
highHaving visited the beautiful high dam I headed off to explore the surrounding region.
greatThe Great dam stands as a testament to the ingenuity of human engineering.
concreteThe construction of the concrete dam was completed in 1972.
oldThe old dam was finally demolished.
smallThe small dam held back the raging river.
hydroelectricThe government approved the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Colorado River.
hugeThe huge dam held back a vast reservoir of water.
earthenThe earthen dam was built to control flooding and provide water for irrigation.
mainThe main dam was built in 1957 and is still in operation today.
bigThe big dam was holding back a lot of water.
secondThe second dam on the river has been completed and is now operational.
fillHeavy rains over the past few days have caused the fill dam at the head of the lake to overflow.
largestThe Three Gorges Dam is the largest dam in the world.
lowStanding at the base of the low dam I watched the water flowing past.
naturalThe beavers built a natural dam across the river.
dentalThe dentist placed a dental dam over my teeth to keep them dry and isolated during the procedure.
temporaryThe temporary dam was built to divert the river's flow during construction.
footI've got a foot dam and a pocket stream.
highestThe Jinping-I Dam is the world's highest dam standing at 305 meters high.
massiveThe massive dam held back a vast reservoir of water.
majorThe construction of the major dam brought both prosperity and environmental concerns.
lowerThe lower dam was designed to control the flow of water through the spillway.
upperThe upper dam held back a huge body of water.
electricThe electric dam harnessed the power of the river to generate electricity.
originalThe original dam was built in 1930.
thirdThe third dam was built in 1956.
giantThe construction of the giant dam was a monumental undertaking.
famousThe largest famous dam in the world is the Three Gorges Dam in China.
proposedThe proposed dam would have a significant impact on the local environment.
grandThe grand dam of American cinema, Lillian Gish, was a pioneer in the film industry.
nearbyThe nearby dam was a popular tourist destination.
solidThe solid dam prevented the water from flowing through.
filledThe filled dam spilled over, sending water rushing down the river.
archThe Hoover Dam is a concrete arch dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada.
biggestThe Three Gorges Dam is the biggest dam in the world.
giganticThe gigantic dam spanned the river, holding back a vast expanse of water.
mightyThe mighty dam held back the raging river.
woodenThe wooden dam was built to control the flow of water in the river.
movableThe movable dam allows for the water level to be adjusted to accommodate different needs.
artificialThe artificial dam held back the rushing waters of the river.
enormousThe enormous dam blocked the flow of the river.
permanentThe river is blocked by a permanent dam
upstreamThe construction of the upstream dam was completed.
immenseThe immense dam held back a vast reservoir of water.
curvedThe curved dam impounded a vast reservoir of water.
worthI don't give a rat's worth dam about your opinion.
archedThe arched dam is a type of concrete dam that is curved in shape.
typicalThe typical dam is a concrete gravity structure.
hollowThe hollow dam had to be replaced after the flash flood.
homogeneousThe homogeneous dam was a marvel of engineering.
frontThe front dam was partially destroyed by the flood.
cofferThe coffer dam was constructed to restrain the water flow of the river during construction.
thinThe thin dam held back the rushing waters.
hydraulicThe hydraulic dam held back a large volume of water.
controversialThe controversial dam has been a source of debate for years.
fourthThe fourth dam was built in 1956.
submergedDivers explored the newly submerged dam
millThe water flowed over the mill dam creating a small waterfall.
typeThe type dam holds back a body of water.
earthThe earth dam is a man-made structure built to hold back water.
prettyThe old pretty dam blocked the river water.

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