Adjectives for Dame

Adjectives For Dame

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dame, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word dame can evoke a myriad of nuanced images, feelings, and contexts when paired with different adjectives. For instance, notre dame carries a historical and architectural richness, while old dame might hint at wisdom or age with a touch of affection. Good dame and fair dame often reflect virtues of kindness and beauty, respectively. On the other hand, grande and grand elevate the stature, implying not only physical size but also greatness in deeds or character. Each combination opens a different gateway to understanding the multifaceted nature of the noun dame. Explore our full list of adjectives to uncover more intriguing nuances.
notreNotre dame is a Gothic cathedral in Paris, France.
oldThe old dame toddled down the street with a cane in her hand.
goodShe's a good dame always looking out for her friends.
grandeShe was the city's grande dame known for her elegance and impeccable taste.
grandThe grand dame of the neighborhood stood proudly on the corner.
ancientThe ancient dame shuffled slowly down the street.
nobleAt the ball, the noble dame made quite an entrance.
statelyThe stately dame walked through her grand manor with pride.
worthyThe worthy dame was known for her generosity.
poorThe poor dame was left alone to fend for herself.
agedThe aged dame hobbled down the street with her faithful companion.
elderlyThe elderly dame shuffled slowly down the street.
comelyThe comely dame strolled gracefully through the garden.
bornShe was born dame of the manor.
proudThe proud dame stood tall and proud, a symbol of strength and resilience.
venerableThe venerable dame was a woman of great wisdom and experience.
portlyThe portly dame waddled across the room with her shopping bags in tow.
haughtyThe haughty dame glanced around the room with disdain.
lovelyThe lovely dame strolled through the garden, her laughter like music to the ears.
gentleShe was a gentle dame kind and compassionate.
dearMy dear dame what a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance!
beauteousThe beauteous dame strolled through the garden, her silken gown shimmering in the sunlight.
fairestThe fairest dame in all the land.
fatThe fat dame was waddling down the street.
royalThe royal dame graced the ball with her elegant presence.
jollyThe jolly dame served tea and biscuits.
piousThe pious dame prayed fervently for her family's well-being.
tallThe tall dame crossed the street with grace.
peerlessThe peerless dame gazed upon the vast expanse of the cosmos with a wisdom that belied her years.
richThe rich dame donated a million dollars to the charity.
imperiousThe imperious dame commanded all the servants around her.
brightThe bright dame was a beacon of knowledge in the dim classroom.
braveThe brave dame fought valiantly against the attackers.
hairedThe pink-haired dame danced joyously down the grand staircase.
piqueThe queen of spades, or pique dame is the most powerful card in the deck.
classyThe classy dame wore a long, flowing dress and a wide-brimmed hat.
courtlyThe courtly dame curtsied low before the king.
respectableShe was a respectable dame who always dressed in her Sunday best.
virtuousThe virtuous dame was a beacon of hope in the desolate wasteland.
daintyThe dainty dame gracefully fluttered around the ballroom.
stoutThe stout dame tried to shoo away the cats.
fontaineLa fontaine dame était située au cœur du village.
handsomeThe handsome dame walked down the street with confidence.
facedThe faced dame was not amused by the jester's antics.
petiteThe old petite dame shuffled along the cobblestone street.
elderThe elder dame was a formidable figure in the community.
rueThe rue dame paced back and forth, her footsteps echoing in the empty hall.
ruddyThe ruddy dame stood confidently at the podium.
prettyThe pretty dame was sitting on a bench reading a book.
honestThe honest dame was known for her integrity and trustworthiness.
angryThe angry dame yelled at the mailman for delivering her mail late.
dizzyThe dizzy dame swayed from side to side.
grecianThe grecian dame stood tall and proud, her beauty unmatched.
loftyWith her lofty dame watching over her, the young woman took her first steps.
featuredThe featured dame in our play would make for a fabulous jazz singer.
livelyThe lively dame danced through the night, her laughter echoing through the room.
merryThe merry dame danced through the meadow with a skip in her step.
wrinkledThe wrinkled dame slowly ambled down the street.
graciousThe gracious dame graciously extended her hand.

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