Adjectives for Danger

Adjectives For Danger

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing danger, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'danger' evokes a broad spectrum of emotions, greatly influenced by the adjectives that precede it. Descriptors like 'great' and 'immediate' accentuate the severity and urgency of a situation, compelling the reader's attention and heightening the sense of threat. Conversely, terms such as 'little' introduce a minimization of risk, eliciting relief or underestimation. Through 'imminent' and 'greatest', notions of impending peril and extreme hazard are communicated, each adjective adding its own shade of meaning to 'danger'. These nuances shape our understanding and response, making the choice of adjective crucial in conveying the precise level of risk involved. Discover the full range of adjectives that can accompany 'danger' and explore the subtleties they bring to light.
greatHe was in great danger of being caught.
realThe real danger is not the one you can see.
imminentThe imminent danger forced us to evacuate the building immediately.
greatestCarelessness in driving invites the greatest danger
immediateIf you are in immediate danger call for help immediately.
littleThere was little danger in the area.
seriousThe hike presented serious danger due to the slippery terrain and unpredictable weather.
graveThe hikers were in grave danger as the storm closed in.
greaterNever before has humanity been in greater danger than it is today.
potentialThe man was aware of the potential danger but he decided to go anyway.
constantHe lived in constant danger never knowing when the next attack would come.
lessThe path with less danger is always preferable, even if it is slower.
impendingSasha spotted the car following them, a chilling reminder of the impending danger
possibleThe scout checked the trail for possible danger
presentThe present danger was a threat to their lives.
commonThe shared experience of a common danger brought the group together.
personalHe was in personal danger so he left the country.
extremeThe hiker was in extreme danger when he slipped and fell off the cliff.
onlyThe only danger is that he may become too powerful.
clearThe hikers were in clear danger of getting lost.
mortalThe hikers were in mortal danger when they got lost in the snowstorm.
physicalThe hikers faced physical danger from the treacherous mountain path.
considerableThe climber was in considerable danger as he ascended the treacherous mountain.
actualThe actual danger was not immediately apparent.
terribleThe terrible danger lurked just around the corner.
obviousThe obvious danger of the cliff was ignored by the hikers.
leastThe activity that poses the least danger to the participant is walking.
externalThe external danger was a constant threat to the community.
inherentThe inherent danger of working with electricity requires proper safety precautions.
slightestThe explorer cautiously proceeded, alert to the slightest danger lurking in the dense jungle.
threatenedJohn ran away from the threatened danger he saw earlier.
gravestThe climber was in gravest danger after the rope snapped.
threateningThe threatening danger lurked in the shadows, its presence a chilling reminder of the fragility of safety.
principalThe principal danger of the operation is infection.
continualThe hikers faced continual danger from falling rocks and slippery trails.
apparentThe hikers proceeded cautiously, wary of the apparent danger lurking in the shadows.
utmostHis courage never failed him, even in the face of utmost danger
approachingThe approaching danger was obvious to all who saw it.
suddenThe sudden danger sent shivers down her spine.
deadlyThe deadly danger lurked around every corner.
perpetualThe perpetual danger lurked in the shadows, threatening to strike at any moment.
acuteThe climber was in acute danger as he slipped and fell towards the edge of the cliff.
pressingThe hiker came face to face with pressing danger when he was attacked by a bear.
biggestThe biggest danger is never trying.
consequentThe faulty wiring posed a consequent danger to the entire building.
peculiarHe realized the peculiar danger of the situation.
unknownThe ominous silence and mysterious rustling signaled an unknown danger lurking in the shadows.
worstThe worst danger is that of getting discouraged.
unnecessaryThe boy put himself in unnecessary danger when he jumped off the moving train.
addedThe icy road added danger to the already perilous drive.
comingThe ominous signs pointed to coming danger
manifestThe evidence suggests that the suspect poses a manifest danger to the community.
evidentThere was evident danger in the situation.

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