Adjectives for Das

Adjectives For Das

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing das, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'das' can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, highlighting aspects such as timing with 'late,' breadth with 'wider,' nationality with 'german,' excellence with 'great,' or age with 'old.' Each adjective brings a unique flavor, transforming 'das' from a simple article into a nuanced descriptor that enriches the context it's used in. These adjectives not only modify 'das' but also color the sentences with deeper meaning, inviting the reader to explore beyond the surface level. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that add depth and dimension to 'das' in the list below.
lateI was late das for my appointment.
greatThe two great das ran a lot of laps.
oldThe old das were huddled together, their faces etched with worry.
referencesI have some references das
mostMost das I wake up feeling refreshed.
youngThe young das is still learning how to fly.
famousThe famous das family is known for their philanthropy and support of the arts.
undIch habe das Buch gelesen und das gefällt mir sehr.
indianThe restaurant is famous for its authentic Indian das
assistantThe assistant das were very helpful.
geralA Igreja Santa María das Arnos, no lugar do Geral das Arnos no concelho de Vila Verde, Braga, é uma igreja românica do século XII.
dearDear das we are going to celebrate our anniversary next week.
istIst das dein Buch?
hemHem das kalb çarpıyor hem de yaşama sevinci.
baldDie Zahlen stimmen nicht bald das
poorPoor das sobbed incessantly.
nabagopalNabagopal das was a renowned Indian classical vocalist and composer.
auchAuch das geht vorüber.
wieWie das wohl riecht.
elderThe elder das applauded loudly during the meeting.
oriyaOriya das is a famous Indian singer.
manMan das nun auch schon hören muss.
ramI read Ram Das's memoir and was inspired by his life story.
youngerThe younger das was a great student.
charanCharan das was a disciple of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
werWer das in den USA nicht kennt, kann sich nur schwer vorstellen, wie beliebt Fastfood dort ist.
celebratedWe celebrated das as a holiday last weekend.
basedBased das I'm not sure what you mean.
eldestThe eldest das are usually larger than the younger ones.
aberIch bin glücklich, aber das kann sich schnell ändern.
kharKhar das apne janam din par bahut khush tha.
eminentThe eminent das led a group of experts in the field.
grossGross das war ein Fehler.
nehruNehru das was a famous Indian politician and freedom fighter.
renownedThe renowned das led the group with his wise guidance.
sourI tried to make sourdough bread, but it turned out sour das expected.
faithfulThe faithful das never left his side.
deutschlandDeutschland das Land der Dichter und Denker.
hariHari das was a renowned kirtan singer in the 15th century.
thakurThakur das gave a wonderful performance in the play.
adaptiveAdaptive das can be used to adjust the display based on the user's preferences.
centuryCentury das blue light.
runjitRunjit das is a software engineer and open source contributor.
knownWe haven't been introduced but I am a known das

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