Adjectives for Dash

Adjectives For Dash

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dash, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a dash can dramatically alter the perception of the action it describes. A mad dash conveys desperation or urgency, while a sudden dash can suggest an unexpected burst of speed. The adjective quick emphasizes efficiency and brevity, whereas wild introduces an element of chaos or unpredictability. A long dash, on the other hand, might imply a sustained effort over a distance. Each adjective brings its own nuances, painting a vivid picture of the scene. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'dash' and explore the richly varied impressions they create below.
madThe frantic shoppers made a mad dash to the clearance aisle.
yardThe runner sped past the finish line in the 100-yard dash.
suddenHe made a sudden dash to the finish line
quickHe made a quick dash to the store before it closed.
wildShe ran with a wild dash towards the meadow.
finalAs the race neared its final dash the runners surged forward with all their remaining strength.
shortPlease wait for a short dash
strongThe strong dash can be used to create pauses within a sentence –– as it does here.
slapThe slap dash work on the project made everyone's head spin.
littleThis sentence has a little dash – like that.
andThe car swerved and dashed through the intersection.
lastThe team gave it their last dash of effort to win the game.
desperateThe desperate dash to the finish line left him breathless.
pebbleThe pebble dash exterior of the house gave it a rustic charm.
brilliantThe brilliant dash through the finish line was an incredible sight.
slightWe ran into a slight dash of trouble when we tried to cross the border.
curvedThe curved dash is an excellent addition to the car.
franticIn a frantic dash the man ran towards the finish line.
occasionalSam jogged along the trail, her hair whipping behind her with an occasional dash of wind.
blackMy black dash is used to connect dates, or to indicate a range.
rapidThe cheetah made a rapid dash to catch its prey.
mileAfter the gunshot, the runners started their mile dash
swiftThe cheetah made a swift dash across the African savanna.
usualThe car sped by with its usual dash of speed
considerableThey approached the summit with considerable dash
heavyThe runner took a heavy dash to the finish line.
splendidThe splendid dash of the horse across the field was a sight to behold.
successfulDespite the obstacles, the runner made a successful dash to the finish line.
gallantThe gallant dash of the knight was met with cheers from the crowd.
recklessHis reckless dash to the finish line resulted in a crushing defeat.
daringThe daring dash across the busy street stunned onlookers.
generous"Add a generous dash of salt and pepper to taste, and you're good to go."
furiousThe cat darted away with a furious dash
verticalThis is a - vertical dash
impetuousThe impetuous dash of the young man led him to take unnecessary risks.
dramaticWith a dramatic dash she ran towards the finish line.
hurriedHe reached the station in a hurried dash
liberalThe politician gave a liberal dash of salt to his speech to make it more palatable to the audience.
lemonThe lemonade had the perfect lemon dash making it both refreshing and tart.
characteristicShe walked with her characteristic dash hair flying behind her.
famousThe famous dash is a punctuation mark used to indicate a pause or break in thought.
spiritedThe children made a spirited dash for the beach as soon as they were released from school.
paddedShe attempted to walk through the narrow opening, but her shoulders were too wide to fit through- padded dash-- even without her backpack.
hastyShe ran a hasty dash to the store to pick up last-minute items.
heroicThe soldier's heroic dash saved the day.
frenziedSarah's sweater fell from the bed, causing the cat to jump in a frenzied dash
speedI used the speed dash to quickly get to the finish line.
tremendousThe cheetah ran with tremendous dash its body a blur of motion.
irresistibleThe model's irresistible dash down the runway captivated the audience.
magnificentThe horse took a magnificent dash to the finish line.
blindHe made a blind dash for the exit.
healthyMix in a healthy dash of pureed pumpkin to your oatmeal.
braveShe took a brave dash toward the finish line.
mustSorry, I must dash
100yardThe fastest runner in the 100yard dash won the gold medal.

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