Adjectives for Dat

Adjectives For Dat

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dat, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun dat can significantly alter the perception of your sentence. Whether you opt for 'positive' to highlight optimistic outcomes or 'last' to denote finality, each adjective carries its own weight and color. Describing dat as 'good' emphasizes its quality, while 'true' underscores its authenticity. The inclusion of 'dan' suggests a specific characteristic or comparison, implicitly inviting curiosity about its context. Opting for 'more' could suggest an additive or comparative aspect, further expanding the noun's dimension. With each choice, the texture and depth of your sentence evolve, inviting readers into a more nuanced understanding. Explore the full list of adjectives for dat below to enrich your writing.
positiveWe should be positive dat we can overcome this challenge.
goodI am having a good dat
moreI need more data to process.
widMe and you against the world, wid dat
lowI want to set up a low dat to keep track of my expenses.
negativeI do not like negative dat
disI'm not sure what you mean by 'dis dat'. Can you give me an example?
secondI went on a second date with him.
badThe recent rains have put a bad dat on the upcoming harvest.
childThe child dat was playing in the park.
earlyHe reached back into his early dat to recall the events of that botched transaction.
mildI have a mild dat from time to time.
probableDon't ignore the probable date mentioned there.
bigBig data is a term used to describe data sets that are too large or complex to be handled by traditional data processing applications.
meanDont mean dat
honestJohn told me to be honest dat so I did.
sureI'm sure dat it's gonna be alright
mineMine dat data 'til it shine like gold.
thirdI'll be there on the third date.
hearMy niece can't hear dat great.
digitalI am excited about the possibilities of digital data.
christmasThe christmas date is now deferred
easterMy favorite Easter dat is the chocolate bunny.
advancedHe used advanced data analytics to solve the problem.
genDie man gen dat kind een appel gaf.
denIk den dat hij een raar figuur is.
medianThe median dat of the distribution is 50.
moderateThe weather was moderate dat
gladI am glad dat you are here.
definiteShe bought her cats definite dat treat.
fourthI received the fourth dat from him.
severeThe patient is in severe dat
onsetThe onset date was not specified.
reflThe Refl dat is a type of data that is used to represent reflections.
familialHis familial history included a strong familial dat
manMan dat is een mooie auto.
graciousShe shook her head, but her gracious dat remained.
midShe moved mid dat
yerYeh, that's right. Yer dat
womanThe woman dat was very friendly.
latestThe latest dat shows increased demand for renewable energy.
maarIk vind het leuk, maar dat vind mijn zus niet.
mayMay dat's a great idea!
easyIt's easy dat

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