Adjectives for Date

Adjectives For Date

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing date, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'date' can significantly alter the nuance of your message. A 'later date' suggests a postponement or an event further into the future, while an 'early date' may convey promptness or a period closer to the present. Utilizing the 'same date' implies a coincidence or alignment of schedules. The term 'due date' is critical in contexts of deadlines or expected occurrences, and 'last date' denotes a final opportunity or the end of a period. Opting for 'earlier' rather than 'early' could emphasize a comparison with an original schedule. Each adjective adds a layer of specificity and meaning, guiding the audience towards a clearer understanding of the time-related nuances involved. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to enrich your descriptions of dates below.
laterThe meeting will be held on a later date
earlyThey had an early date at the coffee shop.
sameWe have a meeting with them on the same date
dueI need to finish my project before its due date
lastI'll see you on our last date
earlierI was planning on going to the movies, but I decided to do it at an earlier date
exactThe exact date of birth is not known.
lateThe meeting was scheduled at a late date
effectiveThe effective date of the new policy is July 1st, 2023.
recentThe study was conducted at a recent date
futureWe can't confirm the future date for this event yet.
earliestThe earliest date available is next Tuesday.
certainWe will contact you by a certain date
muchI need to finish these important tasks before the deadline, but I don't have much date
latterThe latter date was a surprise.
preciseThe precise date of the meeting will be announced next week.
currentThe current date is April 29, 2023.
specificThe deadline for the project is on the specific date of August 15th.
actualThe actual date of the arrival is March 6, 2023.
possibleWould you be free on Friday night for a possible date?
latestThe latest date for submissions is May 15th.
probableThe probable date for the completion of the project is in two weeks.
ancientThe ancient date was found in the ruins of the old city.
definiteWe are expecting the goods on a definite date
originalThe original date for the project's completion was set for the end of the year.
fixedThe wedding has been set for a fixed date
blindI went on a blind date last weekend and it was a disaster.
correct"Did you enter the correct date?"
distantMy great-grandmother died on a distant date in the past.
expiryPlease check the expiry date on the milk carton.
unknownThe event occurred on an unknown date
startingThe project has been granted a starting date in January.
aboveThe contract, signed above date governs the sale of the property.
terminalThe terminal date for submitting proposals is the 15th of March.
expectedThe expected date of arrival is March 8th.
olderThe event was changed to an older date
radiocarbonThe radiocarbon date of the artifact was 12,000 years ago.
official"The official date for the launch is the 27th of June"
copyrightThe copyright date of the book is 1999.
subsequentThe hearing was postponed to a subsequent date
offI'm sorry, but I cannot write a short sentence with "off date."
likelyThe meeting has a likely date of February 10th.
scheduledThe scheduled date for the project is October 15th.
romanThe Roman date for today is IV IDUS IUL.
openingThe opening date of the new store is next week.
wrongMy birthday was on the wrong date
remoteThe remote date is set to 2020-01-01.
appointedI will be there to see you on the appointed date
approximateThe approximate date of the artifact is 1200 BC.
firmThe negotiations are scheduled to take place at a firm date in the near future.
tentativeThe tentative date for the meeting is next Tuesday.
estimatedThe estimated date of arrival is tomorrow.
unspecifiedThe unspecified date had not been set.
agreedWe will meet again on the agreed date
foundingThe University was founded in Paris in the year 1160. It's one of the founding dates of the academic world.
birthPlease enter your birth date below.
evenMy favorite day of the month is the fourth, and it is even an even date
convenientWe could meet on Tuesday, if that's a convenient date
commencementThe commencement date of the project is next Monday.

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