Adjectives for Dating

Adjectives For Dating

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dating, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'dating' can be enhanced with various adjectives, each bringing its unique shade of meaning and context. 'Radioactive dating' introduces a scientific method, invoking precision and age estimation. 'Relative dating,' on the other hand, shifts the focus towards sequence and comparison without specific dates. 'Radiocarbon dating' zooms in on organic materials, offering a way to time ancient artifacts. 'Radiometric dating' expands the scientific arsenal, broadening the scope to different materials and isotopes. 'Climatic dating' ties historical changes to environmental shifts, whereas 'social dating' humanizes the process, introducing interpersonal interactions. The choice of adjective transforms 'dating' from a simple concept into a nuanced and multidimensional subject. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'dating' below.
radioactiveThe ancient monument was dated using radioactive dating techniques
relativeThe rock layers in this area can be dated using relative dating
radiocarbonRadiocarbon dating revealed that the bone fragment was over 10,000 years old.
radiometricRadiometric dating provides valuable information about the age of geological formations.
climaticThe discovery of several leaf beetle species new to science and the analysis of their phylogenetic relationships and climatic dating provided valuable insights into the understanding of the tropical Andean biogeography.
socialI'm not interested in social dating
statisticShe was surprised to learn that statistic dating was so prevalent on campus.
basedI'm not sure what you mean by "based dating."
archaeologicalDating techniques include archaeological dating
interracialInterracial dating is an intimate relationship between people of different races.
obsidianThe obsidian dating method was used to determine the age of the artifacts.
absoluteThe most important evidence of the time when the fossil was formed is absolute dating
chronometricThe hearth at Wallingford Roman Fort (Oxfordshire) was dated by chronometric dating to the late Roman period.
steadyThey had been steady dating for over a year before they decided to get married.
opticalThe optical dating method can be used to determine the age of a variety of materials.
geologicalThe rock's age was determined using geological dating
astronomicalAstronomical dating is a technique used to estimate the age of archaeological artifacts and geological formations.
archaeomagneticArchaeological remains' dates can be estimated using the method of archaeomagnetic dating
trackCarbon-14 track dating is a scientific technique that uses the presence of carbon-14 in an object to determine its age.
isotopicScientists have used isotopic dating to establish the timeline of many important geologic events.
ratingI'm not sure if I'm ready for rating dating
seriesI can't believe you're suggesting series dating
seasonalSeasonal dating involves meeting and dating only during certain times of the year.
dendrochronologicalDendrochronological dating helped her estimate the age of the artifact.
initialIn the initial dating stages, we were unsure of each other's compatibility.
anteThe document had an ante dating to the time of the accident.
directArchaeologists used direct dating methods to determine the age of the artifacts.
informalLet's go on an informal dating
radioisotopeUsing radioisotope dating scientists were able to determine the age of the fossil to be over 65 million years old.
prePre dating back to the early 17th century, the city has a vibrant past.
magneticThe results provide conclusive evidence for magnetic dating of this Fe-rich deposit.
lateHer late dating life has been rough.
independentMy daughter is still too young for independent dating
carbonRadiometric dating, commonly known as carbon dating is a scientific technique that uses the presence of carbon-14 in an object to determine its age.
ageArchaeologists use age dating techniques to determine the age of artifacts.
ditchShe decided to ditch dating for a while and focus on her career.
hengeArchaeologists discovered the structure using henge dating
earlierEarlier dating increased the risk later marriage separation.
glauconiteGlauconite dating is a relatively new technique that has been used to date marine sediments.
strontiumStrontium dating is an important tool for geologists studying the age of rocks and fossils.
dueThe due dating for the invoice has passed.
comparativeComparative dating can be used to determine the relative ages of fossils or archaeological artifacts.
geologicGeologic dating is the process of determining the age of rocks and fossils.
forwardForward dating is a type of relationship where one partner is significantly older than the other.
surviveThis app has all the tools to help you survive dating
luminescenceLuminescence dating can be used to date rocks and sediments.
lichenometricLichenometric dating allows archaeologists to date a surface using measurements of the size of lichens that have grown on it.
summarySummary dating is a non-traditional way of dating that emphasizes getting to know someone quickly and efficiently.
volcanic"Volcanic dating", also known as radiocarbon dating, is the process of determining the age of a sample of material by measuring the amount of radioactive carbon-14 it contains.
lexicostatisticLexicostatistic dating is a method of estimating the time depth of a language family by comparing the percentage of shared vocabulary among its descendant languages.
argonThe argon dating method is used to date rocks and minerals
compareYou can't compare dating a celebrity to someone who isn't.
thermoluminescentThermoluminescent dating is a scientific method used to determine the age of materials that have been exposed to heat.
randomI'm not sure about random dating but I'm open to meeting new people.
onlineI met my current partner through online dating
caucasianI'm not sure what you mean by "caucasian dating". Can you please elaborate?

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