Adjectives for Daughters

Adjectives For Daughters

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing daughters, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe daughters can subtly shift the narrative, painting vivid pictures of their identities, stages in life, and the relationships shared with them. Describing a daughter as young emphasizes innocence and potential, while beautiful focuses on physical or inner beauty. An unmarried daughter might highlight traditional or societal expectations, whereas referring to many daughters can evoke a sense of abundance or challenge. Similarly, the adjective own can denote a deep personal connection, and little daughters are often associated with tenderness and protection. Each choice in adjective crafts a unique perspective. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with daughters below to explore the nuances each word brings.
ownMy own daughters are quite beautiful.
youngMy niece and nephew are fighting over their toy cars like young daughters
unmarriedHer unmarried daughters live in New York.
manyThe family joyfully announced the birth of their many daughters
beautifulHe was very proud of his two beautiful daughters
littleThe little daughters were playing in the garden.
severalMy uncle has several daughters
twinShe has twin daughters and a son.
teenageMy teenage daughters are always borrowing my clothes.
olderMy two older daughters are getting married soon.
youngerSarah and her younger daughters visited me at my house yesterday.
lovelyI'm so proud of my lovely daughters
eldestThe eldest daughters were excited to see their father after so long.
fairThe king was beloved by both his fair daughters
elderThe elder daughters were responsible for taking care of their younger siblings.
marriageableThe wealthy lord had no marriageable daughters
prettyThe man has three pretty daughters
adultMy adult daughters are a great source of comfort and support.
onlyShe is one of the only daughters who have attended this school.
adolescentAmidst the challenges of raising adolescent daughters fostering open communication and creating a loving environment is paramount.
youngestThe three youngest daughters of our colony got married yesterday.
infantMrs. Johnson took her infant daughters for a walk in the park.
charmingThe man was very proud of his charming daughters
oldestThe oldest daughters were responsible for helping their mothers with the younger children.
stepMy step daughters visited me last weekend.
illegitimateHe left his wealth to his illegitimate daughters
dutifulThe dutiful daughters helped their elderly parents with their daily tasks.
handsomeI am proud of my handsome daughters
spiritualThe nuns and priests considered their followers to be their spiritual daughters and sons.
belovedThe beloved daughters laughed with glee as they played in the meadow.
ageMy friend has three age daughters
agedThe aged daughters visit their mother every week.
attractiveThe most attractive daughters are in that house.
eyedHer hazel-eyed daughters were the light of her life.
teenagedMy two teenaged daughters are always fighting with each other.
wonderfulI'm so grateful for my wonderful daughters
hairedThe mother of three long-haired daughters is proud of them.
legitimateShe had five legitimate daughters and two illegitimate sons.
eligibleThe king searched the country for eligible daughters for his son.
marriedMy married daughters live nearby.
fairestThe fairest daughters of the land were gathered in the palace.
sweetThe couple adored their sweet daughters
preciousMy precious daughters are the light of my life.
rebelliousThe rebellious daughters defied their parents' wishes.
minorHer husband died when her minor daughters were three and two.
innocentThe innocent daughters were playing in the garden.
rhineThe Rhine daughters sang beautifully, their voices echoing through the valley.
hisHis daughters are beautiful.
livedThe three elderly lived daughters moved in with their parents.
comelyThe farmer invited the neighboring families with comely daughters
nobleThe three noble daughters were stunning in their gowns.
brightThe family is proud of their bright daughters
orphanThe kindly old lady took pity on the orphan daughters
grownMy grown daughters live far away.
nubileThe nubile daughters danced gracefully at the ball.
fosterMy foster daughters are a joy to my life.
healthyI am proud of my two healthy daughters
immigrantLittle immigrant daughters run through the green field, flying kites.
talentedMy talented daughters are a source of great pride and joy.
widowedThe widowed daughters mourned the loss of their fathers.
obedientThe obedient daughters listened attentively to their parents' advice.

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