Adjectives for Day

Adjectives For Day

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing day, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'day' can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, providing a broader context or emotional depth. Whether it's the 'next' day, filled with anticipation and possibilities, the 'first' day with its blend of excitement and nerves, the 'same' day indicating repetition and routine, the 'present' day that focuses on the here and now, the 'last' day with its sense of finality and reflection, or the 'third' day marking continuation and progress; each combination opens up a unique narrative. Delve deeper into how the subtle inclusion of adjectives transforms the simple concept of a 'day' into a canvas of human experience. Discover the full list of adjectives tailored for 'day' and uncover the stories they tell below.
nextShe wasn't surprised by this news the next day when he called to tell her he'd gotten the job.
firstI was nervous on my first day of school.
sameShe had same day delivery so she got her package the same day she ordered it.
presentThe effects of climate change are evident in the present day
lastShe remembered their last day together and smiled.
thirdThe third day was beautiful outside.
wholeThey spent the whole day at the beach.
veryThe children went to school every day.
previousThe weather on the previous day was cloudy and rainy.
longIt's going to be a long day
fourthOn the fourth day of the project, the team reached a major milestone.
singleI hope that you have a great single day
seventhThe seventh day was a day of rest.
hotIt was a very hot day
fifthIt was on the fifth day that he finally reached his destination.
hourThe store will be open for 24 hour day
fineIt was a fine day out.
sixthThe team was informed of a delay on the sixth day
beautifulToday is a beautiful day
entireI worked diligently the entire day
sunnyThe birds were singing sweetly on that lovely sunny day
coldIt was a cold day
eighthThey waited patiently for the eighth day to arrive.
rainyI enjoy curling up with a good book on a rainy day
clearThe clear day was perfect for a picnic.
warmIt was such a warm day that we decided to go for a swim.
tenthI look forward to seeing you on the tenth day
hardIt was a very hard day at work.
badToday has been a bad day
busyI have a busy day today.
ninthIt was the ninth day since the accident.
typicalMy typical day begins with a cup of coffee.
niceIt's a nice day outside.
gloriousWhat a glorious day it is!
holyWe could never attend school on a holy day
lovelyIt's a lovely day outside.
postoperativeThe patient is doing well on postoperative day 3.
halfWe walked through the museum for a half day at least.
memorableThat was a truly memorable day that I will cherish forever.
pleasantIt's going to be a pleasant day today.
fifteenthOn the fifteenth day of the month, the sky was filled with clouds.
fairWe're having a fair day today, not too hot and not too cold.
fourteenthThe fourteenth day was filled with anticipation and excitement.
openingThe opening day of the new store was a huge success.
sadIt was a sad day when I lost my best friend.
evilThe evil day is approaching, and we must prepare for the worst.
twelfthThe twelfth day of Christmas was the best day of all.
5thThis is the 5th day of the week.
fatefulOn that fateful day everything changed forever.
1stIt was my 1st day at the new school.
eleventhThe eleventh day of the month was her birthday.
windyIt was a very windy day and the trees were swaying back and forth.
15thThe 15th day of the month is always a special occasion for me.
4thMy trip was scheduled for the 4th day of the month.
wetYesterday was a wet day
sixThe trip will take nearly six days.
fatalHer memories of that fatal day still haunt her.
luckyHis arrival on Friday was a lucky day for us.
wonderfulWhat a wonderful day it is to be alive!
10thThe 10th day of the month was a busy one.
6thThe 6th day was unusually hectic.
7thThe 7th day was a day of rest.
eventfulThe eventful day was filled with surprises and unexpected encounters.
quietIt was a quiet day in the country.
cloudyThe cloudy day made the park look gloomy.
feastThe feast day of Saint Patrick is celebrated on March 17th.
terribleIt was a terrible day

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