Adjectives for Deadline

Adjectives For Deadline

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing deadline, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the fast-paced world of business and academia, the word 'deadline' often carries with it a sense of urgency and importance. The nuances introduced by adjectives like 'financial,' 'tight,' 'specific,' 'final,' 'day,' and 'original' can greatly alter the perception and seriousness of a deadline. A 'financial deadline' speaks to the economic implications, while a 'tight deadline' emphasizes a challenging time constraint. On the other hand, a 'specific deadline' highlights the importance of exact timing, and a 'final deadline' suggests no further extensions. These modifiers not only enrich our understanding but also guide our responses to deadlines. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'deadline' and explore the sentences illustrating their use below.
financialThe financial deadline for all invoices is the 5th of each month.
specificThe project should be completed by the specific deadline
finalThe final deadline for the project is approaching.
dayThe day deadline for submitting the project is approaching quickly.
originalThe project will miss its original deadline
yearThe project must be completed by the year deadline
monthIt's a project with a six month deadline
shortWe have to complete the project with a short deadline
currentWe must meet the current deadline if we want to launch the product on time.
statutoryThe statutory deadline was extended by the new legislation.
nextI need to finish this project by next deadline
earlyHe has to finish the article with an early deadline
earliestThe earliest deadline for the project is next Friday.
absoluteThe team had to meet the absolute deadline of Friday at 5pm.
hourHe raced to complete the assignment before the hour deadline
weekThe team leader gave us a two-week deadline to complete the project.
bidOur bid deadline is approaching quickly.
formalThe formal deadline for submissions is next Friday.
firmWe must complete the task before the firm deadline
hardThe project has a hard deadline of Friday at 5pm.
impossibleThe project manager set an impossible deadline for the team.
strictWe have a strict deadline to meet, so we must work hard.
regularI missed my regular deadline so I had to work extra hours to finish it.
extendedThe extended deadline for submitting the project is next Friday.
initialIt is important to stick to the initial deadline
impendingI'm rushing against the impending deadline to complete my project on time.
relativeThe report is due by next Friday, which is the relative deadline
earlierWe regret to inform you that we must move up the earlier deadline to tomorrow.
legalHe had missed the legal deadline to file an appeal.
officialThe official deadline for submitting applications is approaching.
arbitraryDue to an arbitrary deadline we had to rush the project.
definiteThe marketing campaign will need to adhere to a definite deadline
annualThe annual deadline for submitting your taxes is approaching quickly.
reasonableWe need to finish the project by a reasonable deadline
criticalThe quality assurance team missed the critical deadline for the software update.
dailyMy supervisor holds me to a tight daily deadline
agreedThe project must be completed by the agreed deadline
weeklyThe team struggled to meet the weekly deadline for the project.
minuteThe team met their minute deadline
artificialWe must complete this project before the artificial deadline
postThe information I got from you was post deadline so I was unable to use it in my project.
imminentThe imminent deadline for the project submission is approaching rapidly.
transferThe club failed to make any signings before the transfer deadline
unrealisticThe team was given an unrealistic deadline to complete the project.
endThe end deadline for the project is August 15.
latestWe will be able to give you a specific date which is the latest deadline by the end of this month
urgentWe regret to inform you that due to an urgent deadline we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.
realisticWe are working to meet a realistic deadline
softThe project has a soft deadline of June 16th.
undergraduateThe undergraduate deadline is approaching quickly.
constitutionalThe constitutional deadline for submitting the budget was not met.
congressionalThe bill was passed before the congressional deadline
suggestedThe project should be completed by the suggested deadline of April 15th.
copyThe copy deadline is approaching quickly.
developmentalThe developmental deadline for the project was pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances.
contractualThe project was completed by the contractual deadline
shorterThe team had to work with an even shorter deadline
rigidThe project manager announced the rigid deadline of the project to the team.
uponThe team worked feverishly upon deadline to finish the project.
unreasonableI'm sorry, I cannot work under an unreasonable deadline
monthlyThe team worked hard to meet their monthly deadline
fireThe team had to work until the fire deadline to finish the project.
legislativeThe legislative deadline is just around the corner.
crucialThe project team must meet the crucial deadline to ensure timely delivery.

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