Adjectives for Dealer

Adjectives For Dealer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dealer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a dealer can significantly influence the perception of their role and business. A local dealer brings to mind a community-oriented provider, offering personalized services. A wholesale dealer, on the other hand, suggests large-scale operations, dealing extensively in bulk transactions. Retail dealers are seen as the accessible face of consumer sales, directly interacting with the end users, while an antique dealer evokes images of rare finds and treasures from the past. The term real dealer adds a layer of authenticity, perhaps in contrast to the mystery and cunning suggested by a double dealer. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of dealing, enriching our understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'dealer' below.
localPlease contact your local dealer for more information.
wholesaleThe wholesale dealer offered a discount on bulk purchases.
retailHe is a retail dealer of handmade jewelry.
antiqueThe antique dealer had a keen eye for hidden treasures.
realI played roulette with a real dealer at the casino.
nearestYou can find your nearest dealer by visiting our website.
oldThe old dealer shuffled the deck with practiced ease.
handThe experienced hand dealer quickly distributed the cards.
reputableI bought my car from a reputable dealer and have been very happy with it.
successfulThe successful dealer closed the deal with ease.
usedI bought a used car from a used dealer and it has been nothing but trouble.
bigThe big dealer raised the stakes to an astronomical level.
licensedI purchased the used car from a licensed dealer
largestThe largest dealer in the city has been arrested.
knownThe police arrested the suspect at a meeting with a known dealer
formerThe former dealer was arrested for selling drugs.
scrapThe scrap dealer examined the pile of metal with keen eyes.
brokerThe broker dealer executed the trade.
secondhandThe secondhand dealer had a wide selection of antique furniture.
timeThe time dealer manipulated the flow of time to his advantage.
independentThe independent dealer sold many cars last month.
honestThe honest dealer gave a fair deal to both parties involved.
nonThe non dealer was not able to convince the customer to buy the car.
wealthyEverything was paid for by a wealthy dealer
prominentAmong the prominent dealers, one stood out as the most trustworthy.
registeredI bought the car from a registered dealer
blackjackThe blackjack dealer deftly shuffled the deck.
regularThe regular dealer at the casino was known for his honesty and professionalism.
averageThe average dealer makes around $45,000 a year.
antiquesThe antiques dealer showed me a beautiful old vase.
extensiveThe extensive dealer provided a wide range of products to choose from.
professionalThe professional dealer shuffled the cards with practiced ease, the crisp sound of their movements filling the room.
biggestHe is the biggest dealer of cars in the city.
famousThe famous dealer boasted of his connections to the art world.
cornThe corn dealer sold his produce at the local market.
richThe rich dealer was known for his lavish lifestyle.
lotThe lot dealer had a variety of used cars to choose from.
fairThe fair dealer ensured everyone had an equal chance.
rareThe rare dealer traded the exotic cards for a heavy price.
marineI bought my boat from a marine dealer
nearbyI'll have to go to the nearby dealer to get my car fixed.
exclusiveOur company has been appointed an exclusive dealer for this multinational brand.
unscrupulousThe unscrupulous dealer sold the stolen goods at a high price.
prosperousThe prosperous dealer had a thriving business and a reputation for fair dealings.
coalThe coal dealer delivered a large load of coal to the power plant.
chineseI bought the vase from a chinese dealer
grainThe grain dealer had to find a way to transport the large quantity of wheat.
franchisedThe franchised dealer offered us a great deal on the new car.
bookThe book dealer had a vast collection of rare and antique books.
notoriousThe notorious dealer sold counterfeit watches to unsuspecting customers.
liquorThe police arrested the liquor dealer for selling alcohol to minors.
itinerantThe itinerant dealer peddled his wares from town to town.
shrewdThe shrewd dealer won the game with ease.
friendlyThe friendly dealer greeted me with a smile.
retiredThe retired dealer was enjoying his days golfing and fishing.
enterprisingThe enterprising dealer had a knack for finding rare and valuable artifacts.
livestockThe livestock dealer had a wide variety of animals for sale.
parisianThe Parisian dealer sold exquisite antiques to wealthy collectors.
antiquarianThe antiquarian dealer had a vast collection of old and rare books.
pettyThe petty dealer sold counterfeit watches on the street corner.
italianThe Italian dealer sold me a beautiful painting.

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