Adjectives for Dealing

Adjectives For Dealing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dealing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the nuanced world of interactions, the term 'dealing' becomes a canvas for a plethora of adjectives, each adding its own shade of meaning. A 'fair dealing' conjures trust and equity, fostering positive relations. In contrast, 'unfair dealing' evokes injustice, often leading to conflict. 'Double dealing,' with its undertones of deceit, paints a picture of duplicity. Meanwhile, 'exclusive dealing' signals a selective, sometimes privileged engagement. 'Honest dealing' is the backbone of integrity, laying the groundwork for genuine interactions. Adjectives like 'plain' strip down dealings to their bare essence, promoting transparency. Each adjective, when prefixed to 'dealing,' unlocks a new dimension of interpretation, inviting readers to explore the fine lines that define our interactions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'dealing' below.
fairFair dealing is a legal doctrine that allows individuals to use copyrighted material for certain purposes without the permission of the copyright holder.
plainShe was well known for her plain dealing
exclusiveThe company's exclusive dealing agreement with its suppliers ensures that it has a steady supply of raw materials.
honestIt is expected that all parties involved in the negotiation act with honest dealing
unfairThe lawsuit alleges unfair dealing on the part of the company.
sharpThe sharp dealing politician was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
open"Open dealing" refers to transparent and honest business practices.
directWe prefer direct dealing rather than dealing with brokers.
honorableAlways adhere to the principles of honorable dealing in business and personal interactions.
underhandThe committee found evidence of underhand dealing in the awarding of the contract.
straightI appreciate your straight dealing and honesty in this matter.
falseRoderick was recently fired for false dealing
straightforwardThe company's straightforward dealing helped to build trust with its clients.
uprightUpright dealing is essential to maintain trust and ethical integrity.
righteousConduct righteous dealings in all your ways, and do not deviate from the path of truth.
hardThe lawyer was known for his hard dealing
commercialThey had minimal commercial dealing with each other.
fraudulentIn the indictment, he was accused of fraudulent dealing and fraudulent use of the mails
deathThe assassin's death dealing blade was swift and merciless.
rightPracticing right dealing means being honest and fair in all our dealings.
honourableThe honourable dealing between the two parties ensured a mutually beneficial outcome.
internationalThe company's international dealings were extensive.
crookedThe company was accused of crooked dealing and unfair business practices.
shadyHe was involved in some shady dealing with a local businessman.
unjustThe company was accused of unjust dealing with its customers.
reciprocalReciprocal dealing is a business practice in which two companies agree to purchase goods or services from each other.
corrupt"You should make sure you include this bill in your records to show there was no corrupt dealing."
illegalThe police cracked down on illegal dealing in the city.
speculativeHis business involves in speculative dealing and he has taken no financial risk.
frankFrank dealing is the best policy.
faithfulThe company failed to show faithful dealing in its business affairs.
maliciousThe lawyer was accused of malicious dealing in the case.
retailI am not familiar with the term 'retail dealing'.
foulShe suspected foul dealing in his death.
collectiveThe trade union agreed to collective dealing with the management.
violentThe authorities want to avoid violent dealing with the protesters.
levelI prefer people who conduct business with honest and level dealing
gentleGentle dealing helped them resolve the conflict peacefully.
handedThe handed dealing left a bitter taste in his mouth.
harshThe harsh dealing of the soldier made me feel uneasy.
wiseHis wise dealing with the people has brought about positive results.
shrewdHer shrewd dealing in the stock market left everyone in awe.
horseThe horse dealing was a contentious process.
equitableThe agreement should be based on equitable dealing between the parties.
illicitThe illicit dealing of drugs is a serious problem in many countries.
generousThe generous dealing of the owner made all the tenants happy.
indirectThe company prefers direct dealing rather than any indirect dealing
underhandedShe accused us of underhanded dealing
squareIn all of his business dealings, he was a proponent of square dealing
wrongThe police is currently investigating the company for wrong dealings.
evilThe man was arrested for evil dealing
friendlyI enjoy friendly dealing with my colleagues.
arbitraryThe arbitrary dealing with the prisoners was unacceptable.
scaleThe police arrested the man for scale dealing
unconscionableThe court found that the contract was unenforceable due to unconscionable dealing on the part of the seller.
graciousI appreciate your gracious dealing with my difficult situation.
improperThe improper dealing of hazardous materials is a serious crime.
wheelingThe politician was accused of wheeling dealing in the back rooms of the city hall.

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