Adjectives for Deals

Adjectives For Deals

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing deals, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe deals can profoundly impact the perception of the offer. A first deal implies exclusivity, making it appealing for early birds. A second deal might suggest a follow-up, potentially better value. Describing a deal as good implies reliability, whereas the best deal is unsurpassed in value or quality. A special deal hints at a unique opportunity, often time-limited. Meanwhile, a big deal not only refers to the magnitude but also the significant savings involved. These nuanced adjective choices can influence consumer behavior, making understanding them crucial. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can turn any deal into an irresistible offer.
firstThe first deals of the day were announced at the meeting.
secondI'm not interested in your second deals
goodThere are some good deals at the outlet mall.
bestYou can find the best deals on electronics at this store.
specialI'm looking for special deals on travel packages.
bigI don't make big deals out of insignificant things.
presentI want to compare the present deals on credit cards.
thirdThe third deals with the issue of sustainability.
shadyThe shady deals of the politician were finally exposed.
realI'm looking for real deals on a new car.
novelShe inked some novel deals in the book fair.
betterI found better deals on the internet.
formerWe're excited to announce new deals to replace the former deals
latterShe gave more importance to latter deals
secretThe company was accused of making secret deals with its suppliers.
financialWe closed many financial deals at the company this past quarter.
privateThe company announced today that it would explore private deals as a way to fund its new venture.
individualThe company offered individual deals to each customer.
bilateralThe United States has signed a number of bilateral deals with countries in the region.
lucrativeAhmed had always been interested in closing lucrative deals
internationalInternational deals have been conducted in the city.
fourthThe fourth deals included a free night's stay.
commercialWe landed several commercial deals this month.
godGod deals out punishments and plagues like a vengeful tyrant.
profitableWe are looking forward to closing more profitable deals with you.
separateThe two companies inked separate deals with the supplier.
futureWe have many future deals in the pipeline.
complexLawyers attempt to unravel the complex deals made by the company.
illegalThe police found evidence of illegal deals in their investigation.
corruptPoliticians involved in numerous corrupt deals never faced due consequences.
dollarI found some great dollar deals at the store.
backroomThe politician was accused of making backroom deals with foreign governments.
termThey struck a deal with the supplier for better term deals
logicLogic deals with arguments and their structures.
successfulThey closed several successful deals with new clients this quarter.
longerWe are offering longer deals on all of our products this month.
contentThe streaming service has signed content deals with several major studios.
questionableThe company's recent questionable deals have raised concerns among investors.
biggestWe signed one of the biggest deals ever.
strikingThe CEO is currently striking deals with various investors.
exclusiveThe store offered exclusive deals to their members.
firmWe need to firm deals with our clients before the end of the month.
corporateThe latest corporate deals are expected to boost the economy.
minuteThe airline is offering minute deals on flights to popular destinations.
fifthThe fifth deals with the harmful effects of tobacco use.

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