Adjectives for Dean

Adjectives For Dean

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dean, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

When describing a dean, the choice of adjectives can significantly influence the perception of their role and achievements. The term 'former' may evoke a sense of legacy and wisdom, while 'new' suggests fresh ideas and perspectives waiting to unravel. 'First' can denote groundbreaking achievement, especially in inclusivity or innovation. 'Associate' and 'assistant' may hint at supportive, yet pivotal roles in the educational hierarchy, each bearing its own weight of responsibility. Conversely, 'late' adds a tone of respect and remembrance for their contributions. Each adjective opens a window into the nuanced realms of academia, highlighting the multifaceted roles deans play in shaping education. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe deans and the unique narratives they weave.
formerThe former dean of the university was a respected scholar.
newThe new dean is a highly respected scholar.
firstThe first dean of the medical school was appointed in 1893.
associateI spoke to the associate dean about my research proposal.
lateSadly, the late dean was awarded the highest honor of the university posthumously.
assistantThe assistant dean provided me with the information I needed.
ruralI spoke to my rural dean about the need for additional pastoral care in the parish.
subThe sub dean attended the meeting on behalf of the dean.
academicThe academic dean oversees the academic policies and programs of the university.
oldThe old dean had a lot of experience in the field of education.
presentThe present dean of our university is a very qualified person.
dearDear dean I am writing to request approval for the new curriculum.
veryThe dean was very dean
poorThe poor dean was run ragged by the new financial policies.
medicalThe medical dean is responsible for overseeing the academic and administrative functions of the medical school.
laterThe later dean was a kind and wise man.
learnedThe learned dean gracefully accepted the sizable donation from the alumna.
futureThe future dean of the school gave a speech at the assembly.
viceThe vice dean of the university announced the new policy to all the students.
seniorThe senior dean of the university has been in office for over 20 years.
venerableThe venerable dean spoke with gravitas and wisdom during the graduation ceremony.
foundingDr. Smith was the founding dean of the university's medical school.
actingThe acting dean appointed a committee to investigate the allegations.
timeTime dean and the time warden are good people.
famousThe famous dean gave a speech to the students.
juniorThe junior dean was responsible for overseeing the academic and social welfare of the students.
currentThe current dean is an esteemed scholar in the field of education.
gloomyThe gloomy dean wandered the halls, casting a long shadow.
interimThe department chair will serve as interim dean until a replacement is hired.
worthyThe contest winner will be announced by the worthy dean
excellentThe excellent dean was nominated for the award.
reverendAll that remained was to tell the reverend dean
acknowledgedHe was the acknowledged dean of modern American-Israeli literature.
celebratedThe celebrated dean welcomed the new students to the university.
executiveThe executive dean will oversee the day-to-day operations of the college.
appropriateThis question should be directed to the appropriate dean
thenThe then dean of the faculty was unavailable for comment.
femaleThe university's new female dean has a strong vision for the future.
graduateThe graduate dean announced the names of the students who had earned their degrees.
retiredThe retired dean will provide his insight for the commencement speech.
belovedThe beloved dean was adored by his students.
permanentThe headmaster appointed a permanent dean to oversee the discipline in the school.
wittyI'd love to hear the witty dean crack a few jokes.
anglicanThe anglican dean of canterbury has released a statement on the recent events.
distinguishedThe distinguished dean was a highly respected figure in the academic community.
cardinalAs the cardinal dean he presided over the conclave that elected the new pope.
postgraduateThe postgraduate dean is responsible for the academic and administrative leadership of the graduate school.
queerThe queer dean is a role model for many students.
irishThe Irish dean gave a rousing speech.
longtimeThe longtime dean of the university was honored at a retirement dinner.
protestantThe protestant dean gave a sermon on the importance of religious tolerance.
unofficial"Unofficial dean" was an initial title of school principal in some places.
tauntonTaunton dean is a beautiful, historic region of Somerset, England.
youngestThe youngest dean in the university's history was appointed last week.
agedThe aged dean presided over the ceremony with authority.
honoraryProfessor Smith was appointed the honorary dean of the faculty of medicine.
knownThe known dean is very popular.
undisputedHe is regarded as the undisputed dean of world finance.
willaWilla dean is a strong and independent woman who has overcome many obstacles in her life.
toughThe tough dean gave a stern lecture to the unruly students.

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