Adjectives for Deaths

Adjectives For Deaths

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing deaths, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives commonly paired with the noun 'deaths' reveals a deep mosaic of emotional and factual contexts. Words like 'many' and 'more' quantify, often highlighting the scope of tragedy or loss. 'Related' delves into connections, perhaps implying causality or association with events or conditions. 'Violent' and 'sudden' inject a stark, immediate sense of how these deaths occurred, evoking urgency or shock. 'Maternal', meanwhile, touches on a very specific subset, pointing to the profound impact of deaths in childbirth or motherhood. Each adjective chosen to describe 'deaths' not only informs but also shapes the narrative around it, layering nuances that invite further contemplation and understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the unique stories they tell when combined with 'deaths'.
manyThe many deaths in the war left a lasting scar on the community.
moreThere were more deaths than usual.
relatedTwo suspects were arrested in relation to the county's two related deaths
violentViolent deaths were the leading cause of death among young men.
suddenThe sudden deaths shocked the community.
maternalMaternal deaths are a major public health concern in many countries.
infantThe infant deaths in the United States have been declining for decades.
totalThe total deaths reported from COVID-19 in the United States have surpassed 600,000.
accidentalThe number of accidental deaths has increased in recent years.
severalThe accident caused several deaths
mostCancer is the leading cause of most deaths worldwide.
earlyEarly deaths were linked to high rates of chronic disease.
fewThat day, there were few deaths reported.
neonatalNeonatal deaths are the deaths of babies within the first 28 days of life.
prematurePremature deaths are a major concern in the health care industry.
fetalFetal deaths have been on the decline in recent years.
civilianThe civilian deaths in the war have been a major tragedy.
naturalThe natural deaths of the elderly are expected to increase in the coming years.
fewerStricter regulations have led to fewer deaths on the road.
excessExcess deaths in 2020 are closely linked to COVID-19.
untimelyThe untimely deaths of loved ones can be devastating.
tragicThe tragic deaths of the victims left a profound impact on the community.
perinatalPerinatal deaths in the US remain higher than most other developed countries.
annualAccording to the WHO, road traffic accidents cause 1.35 million annual deaths
lateThe court found that the late deaths were caused by negligence.
numerousThis incident caused numerous deaths
femaleIn the last decade, the rates of female deaths have been increasing.
unexpectedThere were unexpected deaths after the storm.
maleMale deaths have also declined in recent years.
recentThe recent deaths in the community have been a cause for concern.
preventablePreventable deaths can be avoided by taking simple precautions.
operativeOperative deaths include deaths that occur in the hospital or within 30 days of a surgical procedure.
horribleThe horrible deaths haunt my dreams every night.
unexplainedThe police are investigating a series of unexplained deaths in the city.
cardiacCardiac deaths are becoming more common in the United States.
mysteriousThe mysterious deaths continue to baffle police.
unnecessaryUnnecessary deaths were a tragic result of the accident.
additionalThe report said that the additional deaths from COVID-19 brought the total number to over 600,000.
actualThe actual deaths in the area are being investigated.
cardiovascularCardiovascular deaths are the leading cause of death globally.
unnaturalWe've got several unnatural deaths here this month.
suspiciousThe police vowed to continue until they solved the six suspicious deaths
postoperativePostoperative deaths were 1.6%.
multipleSeveral witnesses reported hearing multiple deaths at the scene of the accident.
cruelThe cruel deaths of innocent children continue to haunt us.
coronaryCoronary deaths were significantly higher in the intervention group than in the control group.
needlessThese needless deaths could have been prevented.
painfulThe victims met painful deaths
associatedThe accidents were associated deaths
reportedThere were 10 reported deaths in the accident.
frequentThe frequent deaths of experienced mountaineers raised concerns about the safety of the expedition.
registeredThere were 50 registered deaths in the city last year.
heroicThe soldiers faced heroic deaths in the battle.
successiveThe successive deaths of loved ones devastated the family.
suicidalSuicidal deaths are a serious concern in our community.
subsequentThe subsequent deaths were ruled accidental.
terribleCountless innocent people met terrible deaths in the cruel war.
occasionalThe occasional deaths were a constant reminder of our vulnerability.
recordedThe annual number of recorded deaths in the United States has been steadily increasing.
slowThe slow deaths of the stars were a beautiful sight to behold.
strangeThe recent spate of strange deaths in the village shocked the residents.
avoidableIt is estimated that there are over 100,000 avoidable deaths in the United States each year.
countlessThe war resulted in countless deaths
perioperativePerioperative deaths refer to deaths occurring during or within 30 days of a surgical procedure.
extraThe government reported 15,000 extra deaths during the pandemic.
traumaticThe book describes many traumatic deaths during the war.
observedThe study observed deaths from all causes and deaths from liver disease over 23.5 years.
foetalFoetal deaths more than halved from 1.16 % to 0.4 in South Africa over the last decade.
oneThat accident resulted in one deaths which was a great loss for everyone.
respectiveThe drowning of the siblings occurred within days of their respective deaths
patientMedical errors were the third leading cause of patient deaths in the United States.
pedestrianPedestrian deaths have been on the rise in recent years.
simultaneousThe simultaneous deaths of the two brothers shocked the community.

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