Adjectives for Dec

Adjectives For Dec

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dec, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of dates, particularly with the noun 'dec,' reveals a landscape rich in temporal specificity and seasonality. Adjectives such as 'nov,' 'oct,' 'may,' 'sept,' 'mid,' and 'jul' not only pinpoint specifics in time but also evoke feelings and events associated with these periods. Whether highlighting the brisk onset of winter in 'nov' or the midsummer warmth of 'jul,' each adjective carries with it a unique set of associations and imagery. This connection between time and emotion helps enrich our communication, making it more vivid and precise. Delve deeper into the intricacies of these associations with our comprehensive list below, showcasing how each adjective can bring a distinct flavor to the noun 'dec.'
octThe oct dec means eight decimal.
mayThe legislature may decide to take no action.
septSept dec was really sad to hear that his friend had passed away.
midIn the mid dec he joined the national team after recovering from an injury.
julI hope you had a wonderful jul dec
pastAt past dec my aunt received an honorary PhD degree
juneJune dec company org.
earlyEmily showed up at the restaurant at an early dec
sepFor this example, let's say that the variable sep dec contains the value 1.1.
lateWe were running late dec on our research project and had to work overtime to finish.
presThis is a sentence with 'pres dec'.
augAug dec costs more.
1stThe 1st dec is the first decade of the month.
pst pst dec 2022 thnku
dueThe due dec was very late and I had to wait a long time.
3rdThe meeting was scheduled for the 3rd dec
6thI'll be back on the 6th dec
junJun dec bone ah bon ah
janJan dec simply shrugged it off.
passI need to go pass dec and get some groceries.
5th5th dec was an unforgettable day.
nonShe had decided never again to accept non dec payments.
19141914 dec is a date.
1967The 1967 dec was a turning point in the civil rights movement.
1918The war ended in 1918 dec
1921The Tulsa Race Massacre occurred in 1921 dec
1945The war ended in 1945 dec
24thIt's the 24th dec Christmas eve, and I'm so excited.
febFeb dec is a type of cloth.
coarseThe coarse dec was used to clean the floor.
1903The Wright brothers made their first flight in 1903 dec
19441944 dec was a momentous year.
20thThe 20th dec was a cold day.
1919The Black Sox Scandal occurred in 1919 dec
1926The general strike was held in 1926 dec
1934The 1934 dec Woodhill railway disaster in Scotland killed 11 people.
1861The American Civil War began in 1861 dec
1933The 1933 dec act ended two decades of prohibition
1913The Armory Show of 1913 dec shocked the art world with its display of modern art.
nomThe manatee made a nom dec donut.
1853There was no "1853 dec" event.
18thThe first meeting will be held on 18th dec in the assembly hall.
16thThe event is on the 16th dec
1899Marie Curie discovered radium in 1899 dec
1897I was born in 1897 dec
1881The International Electrical Exhibition was held in Paris in 1881 dec

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