Adjectives for December

Adjectives For December

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing december, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing December with precise adjectives enriches our understanding and expression of this closing chapter of the year. An early December morning carries the fresh promise of winter, while a late December night whispers the year's end. Mention of the last December may evoke nostalgic reflections. Conversely, juxtaposing it with October or specifying dates like December 6th or December 5th grounds our discussions in specific moments of seasonal transition. These nuances invite exploration into the varied textures of December experiences. Discover more nuances by exploring the full list of adjectives linked to December, each illustrated with a sentence for deeper comprehension.
earlyEarly december is a time for reflection and gratitude.
lateThe winter solstice occurred in late december
lastThe last december it snowed a lot.
5thI have a meeting on the 5th december
midWe should be finished with this project by mid december
previousI had already planned my trip for the previous december
20thThe due date for the project is 20th december
24thChristmas Eve falls on 24th december
16thThe 16th december is a significant day in history.
18thMy birthday is on the 18th december
13thOn 13th december a significant event occurred.
15thMy exam is on 15th december
10thToday is 10th december
4thThe meeting will be held on the 4th december
19thToday is the 19th december a day full of joy and cheer.
29thThe 29th december is a special day for me.
14thToday, the 14th december is a special day.
27thMy birthday is on the 27th december
12thOn 12th december the world celebrated International Human Rights Day.
25thWe celebrate Christmas on 25th december
effectiveThe amendment is effective december 1, 2023.
mayMay december bring joy and happiness.
26thThe 26th december is a public holiday in many countries.
augustThe august december had a jolly celebratory Christmas.}
bleakBleak december enveloped the land in a chilling embrace.
coldThe cold december wind howled through the bare branches of the trees.
lothIn loth december the nights are long and the days are short.
7th7th december marks the day when I got my first job.
21stThe 21st december is the shortest day of the year.
nightedThe cold wind howled through the nighted december streets.
postThe post december results were underwhelming.
australianAustralian december is the hottest time of year.
3rdThe party will be held on 3rd december
23rdThe 23rd december is the day before Christmas Eve.
bornShe was born december 19th, 1990.
fatefulA fateful december day marked a turning point in our lives.
commonwealCommonweal december 1944 Book Review.
chillThe chill december wind whipped through the trees, carrying the scent of pine needles and snow.
unreportedThe cold unreported december wind made me put on more clothes.
i5thI5th december is my birthday.
coldestThe coldest december on record has come to an end.
corporalCorporal december led his troops into battle with valor and determination.

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