Adjectives for Decision

Adjectives For Decision

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing decision, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'decision' can greatly alter the intended nuance, reflecting not only its significance but also the context in which it was made. A 'final decision' carries a sense of irrevocability, while an 'important decision' highlights its impact. Opting for 'right decision' suggests a moral or correct choice has been made, whereas 'conscious decision' emphasizes the thought and intention behind it. 'Political' and 'judicial decisions' point to the realm and authority by which the decision is made. Each adjective paves a different path of understanding, inviting readers to contemplate the varied dimensions a decision can encompass. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'decision' to appreciate the depth of choices and their implications.
finalThe judge announced his final decision after hearing all the evidence.
importantMy important decision yesterday changed my life.
right"You made the right decision when you decided to go to college."
consciousI made a conscious decision to change my diet.
politicalThe political decision has far reaching consequences.
judicialThe judicial decision was based on the facts of the case.
difficultMaking the difficult decision was like walking on a tightrope.
ultimateThe ultimate decision rests upon the leader's shoulders.
majorI've been struggling with this major decision for weeks now.
recentI am in agreement with your recent decision
unanimousThe jury reached a unanimous decision after hours of deliberation.
quickThe quick decision helped us avoid the traffic jam.
initialThe initial decision was to postpone the meeting.
informedTo make an informed decision one must carefully consider all the relevant facts and perspectives.
wrongThe jury's wrong decision shocked everyone.
personalUltimately, it's a personal decision whether or not to take the risk.
wiseMaking a wise decision is crucial before taking any action.
rationalThe CEO made a rational decision to invest in the new technology.
earlierMy earlier decision to postpone the trip turned out to be wise.
correctWe made the correct decision to go hiking last weekend.
originalI was surprised to learn that the original decision had been reversed.
momentousThe momentous decision changed the course of history.
strategicThe company's strategic decision to invest in renewable energy has paid off handsomely.
definiteThey had to make a definite decision before the deadline.
immediateAn immediate decision was required to avert the crisis.
suddenThe sudden decision left everyone in shock.
firmShe had made a firm decision not to change her mind.
legalThe legal decision was based on precedent.
moralThe moral decision of the judge in the case of the accused murderer was a difficult one.
arbitraryThe manager made an arbitrary decision to fire the employee without any reason.
deliberateThe deliberate decision was made after careful consideration of the available options.
administrativeThe administrative decision was made quickly and efficiently.
previousI was going to use your previous decision
crucialThe crucial decision was made after careful consideration.
actualThe actual decision was made by the group as a whole.
fatefulThe fateful decision of who to trust would shape her destiny forever.
badChoosing to eat the entire cake was a bad decision
collectiveThe collective decision of the jury was to find the defendant guilty.
jointThe joint decision between the two companies was to merge their operations.
adverseThe court's adverse decision left the defendant devastated.
formalThe board made a formal decision to approve the proposal.
clearI've made a clear decision about my future.
easyGoing to the store was an easy decision to make.
ethicalThe ethical decision was made after careful consideration of the potential consequences.
hardIt was a hard decision but I had to do what was best for me.
favorableThe court issued a favorable decision in the case.
promptThe CEO had to make a prompt decision to save the company from a financial loss.
hastyRegrettably, the hasty decision turned out to be a costly mistake.
unilateralThe unilateral decision to withdraw from the agreement has caused a diplomatic crisis.
subsequentAfter the initial meeting, the subsequent decision was made to postpone the project.
optimalAn optimal decision is made after considering all the available information and potential outcomes.
keyWe need to make a key decision about the future of the company.
toughIt was a tough decision but I ultimately chose the path that was right for me.
priorHe did not like the prior decision of the company.
soundThe board of directors reached a sound decision to invest in the new project.
intelligentTheir intelligent decision helped them to achieve their goals quickly.
boldThe bold decision was made to go against the norm.
controversialThe controversial decision by the government has sparked widespread protests.
historicThe court's historic decision overturned the longstanding precedent.

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