Adjectives for Decisions

Adjectives For Decisions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing decisions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe decisions can significantly impact the perception of their importance and nature. Important decisions shape our lives, while major decisions can alter the course of projects or businesses. Using own to describe decisions emphasizes personal responsibility and autonomy. Furthermore, attaching political or judicial to decisions highlights their societal and legal implications, pointing out the spheres they influence. Each adjective lends a different shade of meaning, reflecting the complexity and consequences of the decisions being discussed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to enrich your understanding and discussion of decisions.
importantMaking important decisions requires careful consideration.
suchSuch decisions are often difficult and fraught with uncertainty.
ownI am responsible for my own decisions
majorLife's major decisions come at unexpected moments.
politicalThe political decisions made by the government have far-reaching implications.
judicialThe Supreme Court's judicial decisions have a profound impact on American society.
finalThe final decisions will be made by the CEO.
economicThe government made several economic decisions last year.
difficultThe impending need to address climate change presents us with many difficult decisions
strategicThe company's future growth depended upon making strategic decisions now.
individualThe impact of individual decisions on the environment cannot be overstated.
informedThey made informed decisions based on the provided data.
recentWe are discussing recent decisions
keyLeaders should always have a plan and were able to make key decisions
administrativeThe board of directors convened to discuss administrative decisions
betterThe experience helped her make better decisions
legalShe has been closely monitoring all of the new legal decisions made recently.
criticalThe company's future depended on the critical decisions made by the board.
rationalWe must make rational decisions in today's complex world.
financialThe staff was responsible for all of the financial decisions
moralMany moral decisions are based on personal values and beliefs.
previousWe must learn from our previous decisions to avoid making the same mistakes again.
rightI know that making the right decisions is important.
futureMaking future decisions should be based on present realities.
quickThe team faced pressure to make quick decisions
crucialThe leaders must make various crucial decisions in order to guide the organization through the difficult time.
ethicalWhen making ethical decisions consider the impact on all stakeholders involved.
basicThe CEO makes all the basic decisions for our company.
medicalThe patient had to make difficult medical decisions alongside her doctors.
badHe made a series of bad decisions that led to his downfall.
subsequentThe company's subsequent decisions led to a significant increase in revenue.
earlierWe need to consider earlier decisions when planning future actions.
clinicalThe clinical decisions of the neurologist were precise and professional.
collectiveThe board made collective decisions about the company's future.
hardHe was faced with hard decisions that would shape the future of the company.
pastPast decisions haunt us in the present.
soundMaking sound decisions requires careful consideration and analysis.
arbitraryManagement made several arbitrary decisions during the meeting.
wiseGrandfather always made wise decisions and thus had a great life.
toughThe CEO was faced with several tough decisions in order to turn the company around.
managerialThe company's managerial decisions have had a significant impact on its success.
wrongA series of wrong decisions led to the current state of affairs.
appropriateMaking appropriate decisions requires careful consideration and foresight.
independentThe company's success is attributed to its employees' ability to make independent decisions
correctMaking correct decisions requires careful consideration and analysis.
dayI had to make many day decisions before going on vacation.
intelligentThe team must make intelligent decisions in order to succeed.
priorWe must base our current decisions on our prior decisions
effectiveEffective decisions require careful consideration and analysis.
numerousWith his numerous decisions the CEO led the company to great success.
operationalThe project manager needs to be involved in operational decisions
consciousThey had to make conscious decisions about which path to choose.
educationalParents have the right to make educational decisions for their children.
governmentalThe protesters criticized the governmental decisions that had led to the economic crisis.
complexMaking complex decisions was her forte.
corporateCorporate decisions often affect the entire company.
termThe term decisions were made after a lengthy discussion.
relatedThe meeting focused on related decisions regarding the upcoming project launch.
optimalThe team made optimal decisions in order to achieve their goals.
necessaryThe necessary decisions were made by the committee.
fundamentalMaking fundamental decisions requires careful consideration and a deep understanding of potential consequences.
organizationalStrategic organizational decisions require careful consideration and analysis.

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