Adjectives for Declaration

Adjectives For Declaration

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing declaration, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'declaration' can significantly alter the perception of the statement being made. A 'formal declaration' carries an air of officialdom and seriousness, often seen in legal or governmental contexts. When we describe a declaration as 'public,' it emphasizes the act of sharing information openly, aiming for transparency and broad awareness. A 'joint declaration' highlights unity and agreement between parties, showcasing collaboration and shared goals. The term 'solemn declaration' underscores the gravitas and sincere commitment behind the statement, often used in solemn promises or vows. Each adjective not only modifies 'declaration' but enriches the context, inviting a deeper understanding of the nature and intention behind the words spoken or written. For a more comprehensive exploration, delve into the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the nuances of 'declaration'.
formalA formal declaration of the findings was released by the committee.
suchThat was such declaration of independence!
publicThe politician made a public declaration of his support for the bill.
jointThe two countries signed a joint declaration on cooperation.
solemnHe made a solemn declaration that he would uphold the law.
openThe company's financial statements should be based on an open declaration of all known facts that may affect the judgment of the user.
unilateralThe unilateral declaration of independence was met with mixed reactions.
officialThe official declaration marked the start of the war.
famousThe Declaration of Independence is a famous declaration
explicitThe explicit declaration of intent was clear and unambiguous.
finalThe final declaration was met with a mixture of relief and sadness.
statutoryI need to sign this statutory declaration before I can leave the country.
variableThe variable declaration int x = 10 initializes the integer variable x with the value 10.
mereThe mere declaration of the issue did not suffice to bring about a solution.
similarThere is no guarantee that the similar declaration is accurate
immediateThe immediate declaration of war surprised the international community.
originalThe original declaration would have made no sense.
presentThe Board of Directors is pleased to announce the present declaration of a special dividend.
clearThe amendment contains a clear declaration of its purpose.
falseShe was guilty of false declaration
britishDespite the British declaration of war, the United States remained neutral.
frenchThe French declaration of Rights was a document that enshrined the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity.
previousThe previous declaration was made in the year 2000.
aboveThe above declaration ensures that the object is always immutable.
boldThe bold declaration of the leader resonated through the crowd.
germanThe German declaration of war came as a shock to many.
actualThe actual declaration of war came as no surprise.
royalThe royal declaration was met with great fanfare.
plainThe plain declaration of guilt was shocking to all who heard it.
judicialThe judicial declaration was met with mixed reactions.
subsequentThe immediate head of the department shall furnish to the concerned department written notification of any subsequent declaration
frankHer frank declaration embarrassed her friends.
authoritativeThe principal made an authoritative declaration that there would be no school tomorrow.
congressionalThe congressional declaration of war was a defining moment in the history of the United States.
legislativeThe legislative declaration of the statute sets forth the purpose and intent of the law.
unequivocalThe ambassador's unequivocal declaration that the treaty was binding did not satisfy the skeptics.
verbalThe verbal declaration did not match the written agreement.
universalThe Universal declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948.
virtualThe company announced its decision to cancel the project due to a virtual declaration of bankruptcy.
remarkableThe candidate's remarkable declaration resonated with voters.
divineThe priest's divine declaration echoed through the grand cathedral.
earlierThe earlier declaration of the variable will be visible in the entire block.
passionateThe passionate declaration rang through the hall, stirring the emotions of all who heard it.
russianThe original online Russian declaration was retained.
unanimousThe unanimous declaration was signed by all the members of the committee.
distinctThe lawyer filed a distinct declaration to prove his client's innocence.
presidentialThe presidential declaration was made in response to the ongoing crisis.
historicThe Declaration of Independence was a historic declaration from the United States.
celebratedThroughout history, there have been numerous celebrated declarations that have shaped the course of human events.
firmWe made a firm declaration to support our local community.
oralThe witness gave an oral declaration under oath.
memorableThe memorable declaration echoed through the hall, igniting a spark that would forever改变 history.
calledShe filed a called declaration at the court.
ministerial"A ministerial declaration is a statement issued by a minister of government that sets out the government's policy on a particular issue."
foregoingThe foregoing declaration is hereby made by the undersigned.
immortalThe Declaration of Independence is an immortal declaration that all men are created equal.
propheticThe old sage's prophetic declaration echoed through the valley.
briefThe judge listened patiently to the brief declaration before ruling.
austrianShe made the Austrian declaration of Independence a part of the country's constitution.
suddenThe sudden declaration shocked the entire audience.

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