Adjectives for Decline

Adjectives For Decline

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing decline, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives with the noun 'decline' reveals a rich tapestry of meanings and implications. A 'rapid decline' conveys a sense of urgency and possible crisis, often necessitating immediate attention. Conversely, a 'gradual decline' suggests a slow erosion over time, possibly offering more opportunity for intervention. The term 'economic decline' points to financial downturns, affecting everything from national economies to individual livelihoods. The precision of 'sharp decline' evokes images of sudden, significant drops, while 'steady decline' portrays a consistent, ongoing process. Understanding these nuances enhances our comprehension of the complex dynamics at play. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that color the different contexts of 'decline' below.
rapidThe company's sales experienced a rapid decline in the last quarter.
economicThe country's economic decline has led to widespread poverty and social unrest.
sharpThe company's profits have taken a sharp decline in the past quarter.
steadyThe stock market has been in a steady decline since the beginning of the year.
gradualThe company's profits have been in a gradual decline for the past year.
generalThe general decline of the automotive industry has led to a decrease in employment.
relativeWith the relative decline of the textile industry in the area, local businesses have had to diversify their offerings.
markedThe company has experienced a marked decline in sales over the past few months.
significantThe company's profits have experienced a significant decline in recent months.
furtherThe economy is expected to see a further decline in the coming months.
slowThe slow decline of the ecosystem has been a cause for concern for many years.
cognitiveThe patient exhibited a severe cognitive decline over the past year.
slightThe company's sales have experienced a slight decline in the past quarter.
progressiveThe patient's health has been in progressive decline since the accident.
dramaticThe company's sales have seen a dramatic decline in recent months.
seriousThe company has seen a serious decline in profits over the past year.
steepThe company's stock price experienced a steep decline in the past month.
overallThe overall decline in the economy has led to a rise in unemployment.
substantialThe substantial decline in the stock market spooked investors and caused a sell-off.
subsequentThe company's financial performance showed a subsequent decline due to the economic downturn.
moralThe moral decline was evident in the rise of crime and violence.
precipitousThe stock market experienced a precipitous decline losing over half its value in a matter of months.
recentThe recent decline in the stock market has caused investors to lose billions.
physicalThe physical decline took a toll on him.
drasticThe recent years have seen a drastic decline in the population of the species.
absoluteThe company's sales have been in absolute decline for the past five years.
correspondingThe corresponding decline in the price of the stock was significant.
severeThe patient experienced a severe decline in cognitive function.
industrialThe city has suffered from industrial decline in recent years.
continuedThe continued decline in economic growth has led to widespread job losses.
suddenThe company's sudden decline in sales was unexpected.
apparentThe apparent decline in sales was due to the recession.
inevitableThe inevitable decline of the empire could not be stopped.
continuousThe economy has been in a continuous decline for the past decade.
considerableThe company has experienced a considerable decline in sales over the past few months.
secularThe trend toward secular decline is a cause for concern among some religious leaders.
actualThe actual decline in funding has been attributed to budget cuts.
temporaryThe company experienced a temporary decline in sales due to the economic downturn.
functionalThe decline in the patient's health was attributed to the gradual functional decline
initialThe initial decline in sales was attributed to the release of a competing product.
consequentThe consequent decline in the industry led to widespread layoffs.
averageThe average decline in sales over the past three months has been 10%.
culturalThe cultural decline of the society was a result of the loss of traditional values.
urbanThe city is facing urban decline due to the loss of jobs and population.
mentalThe doctor was worried about the patient's mental decline
eventualThe eventual decline of the empire was hastened by a series of unwise decisions.
noticeableThe company's revenue has shown a noticeable decline in recent months.
demographicThe country is facing a demographic decline due to low birth rates and an aging population.
terminalThe company's terminal decline was marked by falling sales and dwindling profits.
abruptThe company's revenue experienced an abrupt decline over the last quarter.
netThe company posted a net decline in profits over the past quarter.
catastrophicThe population of the species has suffered a catastrophic decline in recent years.
modestThe city's population has experienced a modest decline in recent years.
irreversibleThe patient's condition is beyond hope due to her irreversible decline
observedThe company's revenue has observed decline over the last quarter.
yearI've noticed a year decline in my work performance.
largestThe stock market has experienced its largest decline in decades.
permanentThe weather conditions have caused a permanent decline in the population.
sadThe company's profits have been in a sad decline since the pandemic hit.
moderateThe company has experienced a moderate decline in sales this quarter.
concomitantThe concomitant decline in biodiversity and ecosystem services is a major threat to the planet.
consistentThe company's sales have shown a consistent decline over the past few years.
swiftThe company's swift decline was attributed to a series of poor decisions.
definiteThe study revealed a definite decline in academic performance among students.
exponentialThe company's profits have been in exponential decline since the recession hit.
notableThe company's sales have shown a notable decline in recent months.

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