Adjectives for Decrease

Adjectives For Decrease

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing decrease, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a decrease can vastly alter the perception of change. A significant decrease suggests a noteworthy change that might impact the situation drastically, while a marked decrease implies a clearly noticeable reduction. On the subtler side, a slight decrease shows just a hint of change, perhaps implying that it's barely noticeable or not very impactful. For those changes that happen over time, a gradual decrease indicates a slow and steady reduction, contrasting with a rapid decrease that occurs quickly and unexpectedly. Each adjective carries its weight, setting the tone for the level and speed of reduction, and understanding these differences is key in conveying the exact nature of the decrease. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe decreases and their distinct nuances below.
significantThere was a significant decrease in the number of people attending the event.
markedSales have shown a marked decrease in the last quarter.
slightThere has been a slight decrease in sales this quarter.
gradualThe gradual decrease in temperature made it more comfortable to sleep.
rapidThe rapid decrease in population has raised concerns among the authorities.
correspondingThis report shows a corresponding decrease in the number of supporters.
furtherThe profits continued to further decrease over the years.
sharpThe number of cases has seen a sharp decrease in the past few weeks.
smallThere was a small decrease in sales last month.
progressiveThere was a progressive decrease in the number of students attending the school.
considerableThere has been a considerable decrease in the number of students attending school.
substantialThere was a substantial decrease in the number of applicants.
relativeThe relative decrease is calculated by dividing the difference between the initial and final values by the initial value.
dramaticThe dramatic decrease in sales forced the company to close its doors.
steadyThe steady decrease in temperature made it difficult to stay warm.
suddenThere was a sudden decrease in the population of the town.
generalThere was a general decrease in the number of people attending the meeting.
netThe company experienced a net decrease in revenue over the last quarter.
overallThere was an overall decrease in sales over the last quarter.
initialThe initial decrease in the stock market was unexpected.
greaterThe greater decrease in revenue was due to a decline in sales.
concomitantThe concomitant decrease in salinity resulted in a substantial shift in the species composition.
averageAccording to the report, the average decrease in sales was 10%.
subsequentThere was a subsequent decrease in the number of students enrolled.
similarDespite the headlines, the company's revenue shortfall was followed by a similar decrease in expenses.
apparentThe apparent decrease in temperatures could be due to the effects of global warming.
consequentThe consequent decrease in sales was a major blow to the company.
actualThe actual decrease in sales was only 10%.
slowThe slow decrease in temperature over the past few days has been a welcome change from the heat.
resultantAn excessive carbon load on riverbeds will lead to a resultant decrease in fish populations.
exponentialThe exponential decrease of the population was alarming.
continuousThe continuous decrease in temperatures has made it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.
linearThe linear decrease in temperature over the past decade is a cause for concern.
drasticThe drastic decrease in attendance was due to the inclement weather.
abruptThere was an abrupt decrease in the stock's price.
inducedThe study suggests an induced decrease in the expression of the protein.
strongThey had a strong decrease in profits this year.
relatedThe related decrease in sales was likely due to the recession.
foldThe fold decrease in cost was 4.
temporaryThere was a temporary decrease in the number of students attending the school.
dependentThe dependent decrease in population is due to a lack of resources.
transientThe transient decrease in blood pressure was a cause for concern.
noticeableThere was a noticeable decrease in the number of students attending the lecture.
moderateThe survey results show a moderate decrease in consumer confidence.
greatestThe greatest decrease was in the number of people living in poverty.
simultaneousThe simultaneous decrease in temperature and precipitation worried the farmers.
absoluteThere was an absolute decrease in the number of hospitalizations.
pronouncedThe study found a pronounced decrease in the frequency of seizures among those taking the new medication.
meanThe feature that has the highest mean decrease in impurity is likely to be the most important.
definiteThere has been a definite decrease in the number of people using social media.
immediateThe sales tax will suffer an immediate decrease of 2%.
appreciableThe population of the city experienced an appreciable decrease due to economic hardships.
remarkableThe remarkable decrease in population has raised concerns among conservationists.
associatedThe associated decrease in the population of bees has sparked concern.
proportionalThe proportional decrease in revenue was directly caused by the loss of key customers.
constantThe constant decrease in temperature was a welcome relief from the summer heat.
modestThe modest decrease in sales was attributed to the recent economic downturn.
annualThe annual decrease in population has become a concern for the government.
maximumThe recent tax reforms have led to a maximum decrease in GDP growth.
largestThe largest decrease was observed in April.
proportionateThe company's revenue experienced a proportionate decrease of 10% in the last quarter.
strikingThe downturn in the economy caused a striking decrease in employment.
smallerCompared to last month, there was a smaller decrease in sales.
consistentThe sales of our product have shown a consistent decrease over the past few months.
severeThe patient presented with a severe decrease in appetite.
monotonicThe graph shows a monotonic decrease in sales over the past year.
distinctThere was a distinct decrease in the number of attendees this year.
accompanyingThe accompanying decrease in crime rates is a testament to the effectiveness of the new policing strategy.
mildThere was a mild decrease in the number of reported cases.
notableThere has been a notable decrease in the number of cases reported this week.
continuedThe continued decrease in sales was a cause for concern.
parallelI parallel decreased my project
steepThe company's revenue took a steep decrease due to the economic recession.
systematicThe systematic decrease in the population of the area was due to the lack of employment opportunities.

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