Adjectives for Default

Adjectives For Default

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing default, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'default' can subtly alter its meaning, adding layers of context and nuance. The term 'default' might seem straightforward, but when combined with adjectives like 'such', 'own', or 'wilful', it transforms to convey specific scenarios or attitudes, from personal accountability ('own default') to deliberate inaction ('wilful default'). Descriptors like 'non' and 'cross' broaden the scope to technological or interpersonal realms, respectively, while 'Russian' adds an element of geographical specificity. Each combination creates a unique perspective or implication, enriching the narrative around the subject of default. Delve into our full list of adjectives that bring color and clarity to the conversations about defaults.
suchWhen a primary relic is present, such default is overridden.
ownThe program will use its own default settings if you do not specify any.
nonThe non default setting is for the debug to be turned off.
crossThe cross default provision in the loan agreement means that if the borrower defaults on one loan, all of the other loans become due and payable.
russianRussian default could fuel more inflation and a global recession.
possibleThere is a possible default on the loan next month.
sovereignThe country's sovereign default has led to a sharp decline in its currency.
technicalThis loan is now in technical default because the borrower has not made a payment in over 90 days.
currentYou can determine your current default settings in Settings.
subsequentThe subsequent default occurred when the company failed to make interest payments.
partialThe company announced a partial default on its bonds.
actual- The actual default is based on the negotiated and documented Standard Level of Service (SLOS).
initialThe initial default of the system is English.
financialThe company's financial default sent shockwaves through the industry.
outrightThe company filed for outright default on its bonds.
germanThe German default of 1923 was a major economic event that had a profound impact on the country.
willfulThe company's willful default on its bonds sent shockwaves through the financial markets.
proceduralThe court found that the defendant's procedural default barred their claim for relief.
widespreadThe widespread default on subprime mortgages triggered the financial crisis of 2008.
mexicanThe Mexican default of 1982 caused a financial crisis in Latin America.
totalThe company was on the brink of a total default
seriousThe company's financial difficulties culminated in a serious default on its debts.
potentialThe company faces potential default on its bonds.
completeThe system crashed due to a complete default
normalThe normal default is to be polite to others.
standardThe standard default value was seven.
imminentThe imminent default on the loan prompted the bank to take action before losses mounted.
mereIn mere default they turned to the last backup.
allegedThe bank has accused the company of alleged default
fineThe fine default for not wearing a helmet is $25.
largestThe company filed for the largest default in U.S. history.
voluntaryWarren Buffett believes that the largest voluntary default in history was the US government default of 1971.
globalIt is not advisable to expect a global default on pandemic stimulated debt anytime soon.
reasonableThe reasonable default period of time for a contract to be considered month-to-month is 30 days.
optionalYou can set an optional default value for a parameter.
massiveThe massive default caused the stock market to crash.
nearThe company is near default on its debt.
post"The bank sold off the collateral and the post default recovery rate was only 20%."
selectSELECT default is used to specify the default value for a column when no value is provided during insertion.
futureThe company's future default is a possibility that cannot be ruled out.
temporaryThe court imposed a temporary default judgment against the defendant.
staticThe static default value will be used if no value is provided.
formalThe company was in formal default on its loan payments.
continuedThe continued default on the loan will result in foreclosure proceedings.
protractedThe protracted default on the loan has resulted in a loss of trust between the lender and the borrower.
deliberateThe company's deliberate default on its bonds sent shockwaves through the market.
strategicThe owner of the building went into strategic default on the mortgage.
priorThe prior default has been reversed.
municipalThe municipal default caused a significant decline in the value of the city's bonds.
immediateThe borrower will be in immediate default if he fails to make any payment when due.
automaticThe system's automatic default settings are not always optimal.
argentineThe Argentine default has caused a lot of economic uncertainty.
eventualThe eventual default on the loan was a major setback for the company.
usualThe usual default is to use the system's default font.
windowsI love the windows default settings.
unilateralThe unilateral default by the debtor triggered the acceleration clause in the loan agreement.
corporateThe corporate default rate has been steadily increasing in recent years.
permanentThe company's inability to repay its debts has resulted in a permanent default
falseThe system is set to a false default which means that the user must explicitly specify the desired value.
universalThe universal default is a theoretical situation in which all borrowers default on their loans at the same time.
substantialThe company has been in substantial default on its loan payments for over six months.
impendingThe company was facing an impending default on its debt obligations.
accessibleThe new website we built should include an accessible default font.
class"class default" is a keyword in python, simplifying writing default parameter values.

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