Adjectives for Defeat

Adjectives For Defeat

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing defeat, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The emotion and impact conveyed by the word 'defeat' can significantly differ based on the adjectives paired with it. A 'military defeat' often implies a broader context of war, while a 'final defeat' suggests an end to struggle. 'Total' and 'complete' defeat leave no ambiguity about the outcome, emphasizing the exhaustive nature of the loss. On the other hand, 'disastrous' and 'humiliating' defeat focus more on the emotional and moral consequences rather than the scale. Each adjective paints a unique shade of loss, failure, and sometimes resilience. For an insightful exploration of how different adjectives unfold the multifaceted meanings of defeat, delve into the full list below.
militaryThe military defeat of the enemy was swift and decisive.
finalThe final defeat of the enemy was a resounding victory.
totalThe enemy suffered a total defeat and surrendered unconditionally
disastrousThe disastrous defeat left the team reeling and in need of a major overhaul.
humiliatingThe humiliating defeat left the team demoralized and questioning their abilities.
completeThe team suffered a complete defeat due to the unfavorable conditions.
decisiveThe decisive defeat of the enemy demoralized their troops.
severeThe team suffered a severe defeat in the championship game.
electoralThe party suffered an electoral defeat in the recent elections.
majorThe team suffered a major defeat in the championship game.
ultimateThe ultimate defeat was crushing and disheartening.
politicalThe political defeat was a major setback for the incumbent party.
certainHe went into the battle with certain defeat
germanThe German defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in the Second World War.
frenchThe French defeat at Dien Bien Phu marked the end of French colonial rule in Vietnam.
utterThe team's utter defeat was evident in their despondent expressions.
overwhelmingThe overwhelming defeat left the team demoralized and unsure of their future.
seriousThe team's serious defeat left them with no chance of winning the championship.
terribleThe terrible defeat left the team in shambles.
ignominiousThe general's ignominious defeat led to his resignation.
inevitableVictory was never an option; our inevitable defeat had been sealed long ago.
britishThe British defeat was inevitable due to their dwindling resources and overextended supply lines.
eventualThe general knew they would suffer an eventual defeat
recentThe team was still reeling from their recent defeat
heavyThe team suffered a heavy defeat in the championship.
worstHis worst defeat came against the Lakers in the playoffs.
temporaryThe temporary defeat did not deter him from trying again.
signalThe team suffered a signal defeat in the championship game.
diplomaticThe negotiations ended in a diplomatic defeat for the government.
apparentDespite his apparent defeat he continued to fight.
bitterThe candidate accepted the bitter defeat with a teary smile.
devastatingThe team suffered a devastating defeat in the championship game.
greatestTheir surrender signified our greatest defeat
catastrophicThe catastrophic defeat left the army reeling from the loss of soldiers and equipment.
possibleThe team faced possible defeat in the upcoming championship.
subsequentThe team's subsequent defeat ended their hopes of a championship.
japaneseThe two atomic bombs dropped in Japan brought about the japanese defeat
stunningThe team suffered a stunning defeat
russianThe Russian defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in World War II.
navalThe naval defeat was a major setback for the war effort.
moralThe recent election was a moral defeat for the ruling party.
bloodyThe bloody defeat left the army demoralized.
confederateAfter the Confederate defeat the United States faced the challenge of reintegrating the defeated states.
lateThe late defeat broke his hopes.
imminentThe general acknowledged the imminent defeat of his army.
unexpectedThe team's unexpected defeat shocked the fans.
impendingThe impending defeat filled the soldiers' hearts with dread.
shamefulThe team suffered a shameful defeat losing by a wide margin.
partialThe partial defeat of the enemy forced them to retreat.
republicanThe republican defeat was a shock to the nation.
italianItalian defeat at the Battle of Adwa.
narrowThe team suffered a narrow defeat in the championship game.
massiveThe massive defeat left him devastated and in despair.
quickThe quick defeat of the enemy surprised everyone.
sureThey marched ahead, despite sure defeat
disgracefulThe team suffered a disgraceful defeat on their home ground.
nearOur team fought hard but came near defeat
tragicThe tragic defeat left a lasting scar on the nation's psyche.
stingingThe stinging defeat left a bitter taste in our mouths.
strategicOur strategy resulted in a strategic defeat
democraticThe democratic defeat was a major setback for the party.
tacticalThe tactical defeat of the enemy forces allowed us to secure the objective.
doubleThe team suffered a double defeat losing both games and their morale.
romanThey met the same Roman defeat as Epirus had met twenty years before.
turkishThe Turkish defeat was a major setback for the Ottoman Empire.
absoluteTheir absolute defeat left them with no choice but to surrender.
fatalThe enemy suffered a fatal defeat in the battle.
smashingThe team suffered a smashing defeat last weekend.
ingloriousThe team suffered an inglorious defeat in the championship game.
austrianThe Austrian defeat at the Battle of Austerlitz was a decisive moment in the Napoleonic Wars.
spanishThe Spanish defeat in the war was a major turning point in history.
memorableHer memorable defeat in the election left her feeling disheartened.
parliamentaryThe prime minister faced a parliamentary defeat on the Brexit bill.
conservativeThe conservative defeat in the election was a major upset.

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