Adjectives for Defense

Adjectives For Defense

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing defense, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the subtleties between different adjectives paired with 'defense' can significantly change the meaning of a phrase. 'National defense' underscores a country's preparedness against external threats, emphasizing collective safety. 'Self-defense,' on the other hand, delves into personal protection and the rights of an individual to guard against harm. 'Own defense' suggests a personalized or individual approach to protection, whereas 'best defense' implies a superior strategy or method of protection. 'Common defense' ties into the collective effort of a group or community to protect itself, and 'civil defense' focuses on protecting civilians from military attacks. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, enriching our understanding of the concept of protection. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives related to 'defense' to grasp the intricate nuances each pairing brings.
nationalThe budget for national defense is a major concern for the government.
selfThe police concluded that the shooting was a justifiable act of self defense
bestPrevention is the best defense
commonWe must unite for our common defense
civilThe civil defense force is preparing for the impending storm.
onlyThe only defense is a good offense.
militaryThe military defense of the country was strong.
strongThe team played with a strong defense
effective"Smith's effective defense resulted in a dismissal of the charges."
legalThe legal defense for the accused was weak and unconvincing.
successfulThe team's successful defense held the opponents to a single goal.
collectiveThe treaty members entered into a collective defense agreement.
affirmative"Self-defense" is an affirmative defense to the charge of murder.
adequateThe lawyer provided an adequate defense for the client.
vigorousThe lawyer presented a vigorous defense of his client.
mutualThe agreement also includes a mutual defense clause.
activeJohn took an active defense against his opponent's claims.
strategicThe country's defense forces implemented strategic defense policies to protect its borders.
spiritedThe spirited defense of the attorney impressed the jury.
territorialThe territorial defense forces have been activated to protect the country's borders.
perceptualPerceptual defense is a phenomenon in which people are able to perceive stimuli that are below their conscious awareness.
completeThe lawyer presented a complete defense for his client.
coastalThe coastal defense system was designed to protect the shoreline from attack.
heroicThe heroic defense of the city amazed and inspired the entire nation.
legitimateHe acted in legitimate defense when he used force to protect himself from the attacker.
passiveThe army deployed a passive defense system to protect the city.
ballisticThe ballistic defense system intercepted the incoming missile.
validThe lawyer presented a valid defense for their client.
immuneOur immune defense system helps us fight off infections and diseases.
europeanThe European defense Agency coordinates the military capabilities of the member states of the European Union.
conventionalThe team's conventional defense was breached by the opponents' unconventional tactics.
armedThe man in the alley drew his knife in armed defense against his attacker.
jointThe two lawyers will present a joint defense for their clients.
forwardThe forward defense line is critical to a successful military strategy.
psychologicalHis sense of humor was simply a psychological defense mechanism against the harsh realities of life.
aggressiveThe team's aggressive defense forced the opposing team to make several turnovers.
stubbornDespite the team's stubborn defense the opposing team managed to score a goal.
desperateTheir last-ditch desperate defense gave the world something to cheer for.
gallantThe soldiers put up a gallant defense against the invading army.
eloquentThe lawyer's eloquent defense swayed the jury in favor of their client.
navalThe country's naval defense system is designed to protect its territorial waters and coastline.
necessaryThe use of force may be justified as necessary defense when a person reasonably believes it is immediately necessary to protect themselves or others from imminent and unlawful harm.
criminalHis criminal defense was built around the fact that he had been framed.
continentalThe continental defense system is designed to protect a nation from attack.
elaborateThe intricate tapestry of his elaborate defense left the prosecution bewildered.
passionateThe attorney presented a passionate defense of his client.
imperialRecent concerns about imperial defense have been connected to its role in the United States balance of trade.
weakThe team's weak defense allowed the opposing team to score multiple goals.
nuclearThe country relied on its nuclear defense to deter potential threats.
manThe team played man defense throughout the game.
hemisphericWe need a strong hemispheric defense system to protect our borders.
brilliantThe soccer team won their last game thanks to their brilliant defense
staticThe static defense system was impenetrable.
braveTheir brave defense in the battle was admired by all.
impassionedThe lawyer gave an impassioned defense of his client.
partialThe jury's partial defense was not enough to prevent a conviction.
stoutThe team's stout defense held the opposition to just 10 points.
classicHe used the classic defense of 'I was only following orders'.
philosophicalThe legal team mounted a spirited philosophical defense of their client's actions.

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