Adjectives for Deficit

Adjectives For Deficit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing deficit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the deficit can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, providing a deeper insight into the context. Whether it's a current deficit that impacts immediate financial standings, a fiscal deficit that refers to governmental budget shortfalls, or a neurologic deficit hinting at medical conditions affecting the brain, each term adds a layer of specificity. Adjectives like federal and large further qualify the extent and authority related to the deficit, painting a clearer picture for your audience. Delve deeper into understanding how each adjective can transform your discussions on deficits, inviting a more nuanced conversation. Explore the full list of adjectives to enhance your descriptive capabilities.
currentThe current deficit is a measure of the difference between a country's imports and exports.
fiscalThe country's fiscal deficit widened to 6% of GDP, the highest in a decade.
neurologicThe patient presented with a left-sided neurologic deficit
neurologicalThe patient's recent stroke had left him with a severe neurological deficit
federalThe US federal deficit is expected to reach $1 trillion this year.
largeThe company's large deficit is a cause for concern.
democraticThe democratic deficit refers to the gap between the will of the people and the decisions made by their elected representatives.
annualThe annual deficit was not as high as the previous year.
publicThe public deficit is the difference between government spending and revenue.
totalThe company declared a total deficit of 40 million dollars.
overallThe overall deficit decreased from £5.1bn in 2016 to £3.4bn in 2017.
sensoryThe sensory deficit made it difficult for her to enjoy the concert.
cognitiveThe patient's cognitive deficit was primarily due to the stroke.
hugeThe company is facing a huge deficit
budgetaryMany countries have been facing challenges with budgetary deficits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
severeThe company is facing a severe deficit of engineers.
netThe company's projected net deficit for the next quarter is $10 million.
externalThe country's external deficit widened to 5% of GDP.
primaryThe primary deficit is the difference between government spending and revenue, excluding interest payments on the national debt.
focalMRI revealed a focal deficit in the left parietal lobe.
chronicThe company has been operating at a chronic deficit for the past decade.
significantThe company's financial performance has deteriorated, resulting in a significant deficit
structuralThe country's structural deficit is a major concern for policymakers.
specificThe patient exhibited a specific deficit in recalling recent events.
actualThe actual deficit is likely to be much higher than the government's estimate.
functionalThe patient presented with significant functional deficits secondary to the stroke.
financialThe government's financial deficit is rapidly increasing.
permanentThe permanent deficit in the budget has become a major concern.
substantialThe company closed the year with a substantial deficit
persistentThe persistent deficit is a major problem for the country.
visualThe patient had a visual deficit in the left eye.
accountThe country is facing a large account deficit
seriousThis city has a serious deficit in parking spaces.
averageThe experiment revealed that their findings were based on their average deficit of 5 points.
careThe proposed EU's budget includes 3 billion euro for its new Child and Youth Guarantee which aims to cover 25 million children at risk of poverty and facing care deficit
cumulativeThe company has a cumulative deficit of $1 billion.
largerThe company reported a larger deficit in the last quarter.
fluidThe patient presented with a fluid deficit and was given intravenous fluids.
progressiveThe state budget faces a progressive deficit
residualThe agency is facing a residual deficit of $10 million.
initialThe initial deficit in the budget was due to a combination of factors.
enormousThe country was facing an enormous deficit
massiveThe government's massive deficit is a major concern for economists.
bilateralThe US has a large bilateral deficit with China.
heavyThe company was running at a heavy deficit
largestThe country had its largest deficit in several years.
termThe term deficit refers to a situation where an organization's expenses exceed its income.
psychologicalThe patient exhibited a profound psychological deficit after the traumatic event.
caloricTo lose weight effectively, it is essential to maintain a caloric deficit consuming fewer calories than you burn.
behavioralThe researchers found a behavioral deficit in the experimental group.
mildShe experienced a mild deficit in her financial acumen.
excessiveThe excessive deficit led to a budget crisis.
selectiveThe patient presented with a selective deficit in attention.
attentionalWith his attentional deficit concentrating was difficult.
perceptualThe patient was diagnosed with a perceptual deficit
neuropsychologicalThe patient exhibited a neuropsychological deficit in attention and memory.
nutritionalAlthough he generally ate healthy food, he was suffering from nutritional deficit due to not eating enough fruit.
yearlyThe yearly deficit of the company has increased significantly over the last few years.
slightThe company is operating at a slight deficit due to recent economic conditions.
apparentDespite the apparent deficit the bank still offered me a loan.
markedThe patient exhibited a marked deficit in attention and memory.
organicThe organic deficit is the difference between the total output of an economy and the total input of resources over time.
temporaryThe bank will provide a temporary deficit for the construction of the new hospital.
acuteThe company is facing an acute deficit of qualified engineers.
phonologicalThe child's phonological deficit made it difficult for her to learn to read.
ischemicThe patient presented with an acute ischemic deficit involving the left middle cerebral artery territory.
grossThe company ended last year with a gross deficit of several million dollars.
globalThe global deficit has increased significantly in recent years.
consolidatedThe government has announced a consolidated deficit of $100 billion.
moderateThe company reported a moderate deficit in its latest financial report.
underlyingThe underlying deficit was caused by a combination of factors.
tradeThe trade deficit has widened to its highest level in a decade.
extracellularThe extracellular deficit was caused by the loss of sodium and chloride ions from the body.

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