Adjectives for Defining

Adjectives For Defining

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing defining, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'defining' can deeply influence the perception of a statement. Whether it’s a 'self-defining' journey that emphasizes personal discovery, a 'first defining' moment that sets the stage for what's to come, or a 'further defining' experience that adds depth to an existing narrative, each combination opens up unique nuances. Similarly, 'non-defining' elements might hint at subtleties that are not central yet add color, while 'more defining' and 'such defining' instances invite exploration into degrees of impact. The way we pair these adjectives with 'defining' not only shapes our communication but also enriches our understanding of the subjects being discussed. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives compatible with 'defining' and learn how each can alter and refine meaning in surprising ways.
firstI am first defining the variables that I will use in the function.
nonThe woman, non defining walked down the street.
furtherThe researchers provided further defining characteristics of the new species.
moreI'm going to need something more defining to give you an answer.
suchSuch defining moments shape our lives in ways we cannot imagine.
worthThe concept of love is worth defining
mostHer most defining characteristic was her resilience.
carefulThe careful defining of concepts is crucial for effective communication.
betterThe new guidelines are better defining the expectations of employees.
preciseThe precise defining of the problem is essential for finding an effective solution.
muchI have much defining to do.
aidsThe project aids defining and measuring the effectiveness of primary eye care services.
lessThis painting is less defining than the others.
devianceDeviance defining is a process of defining what is considered deviant and what is not.
lifeThe decision I made that day was life defining
exactThe exact defining characteristics of the species are still unknown.
clearThe clear defining lines of the mountain peaks cut through the mist.
accurateHer accurate defining of the situation was helpful.
formalAn formal defining is an expression used to identify a concept with undoubted accuracy.
operationalOperational defining is the process of taking a general definition and making it more specific and measurable.
mereThe mere defining of a problem is not a solution.
allHis athletic career was all defining but his life extended beyond the pitcher's mound.
hardThe problem of hard defining free enterprise has plagued economists for years.
actualThe actual defining moment came when he decided to quit his job and start his own business.
initialThe initial defining of the project is critical in setting its trajectory.
constantThe constant defining the size of the array is 10.
legalThe legal defining of the family has been a source of controversy for decades.
sharpHer sharp defining jawline gave her a striking appearance.
explicitThe explicit defining of terms provides clear understanding.
busyThe scientists were busy defining the new particle's properties.
preliminary"Preliminary defining" criteria are used in many fields.
apparentThe apparent defining feature of the work is its use of symbolism.
functionThe function defining the area of a triangle is A = 1/2 * b * h.
comfortableThe sun's comfortable defining rays warmed me.
verbalSmiling is a verbal defining of happiness.
227-66The party's 227-66 defining the proposed resolution's format was thoroughly debated.
summaryThis document provides a summary defining the university's policies and procedures.
overDespite its importance, over defining technical jargon can be counterproductive.
socraticSocratic defining is a method of definition in which a concept is defined by examining its essential characteristics.
strictThe strict defining of terms is essential for effective communication.
gradualThe gradual defining of her character made her come to life.
collectiveThe collective defining the country's future is its people.
clearerThis new definition is clearer defining the responsibilities of each employee.
arbitraryThat arbitrary defining may not always work.
inductiveInductive defining characterizes a set of strings in terms of a set of rules.
comprehensiveThe assessment provided a comprehensive defining of student strengths and weaknesses.
centrallyThe company's values are centrally defining to its culture.
lexicalAlthough the syntax is ambiguous, the lexical defining of the sentence is clear.
ultimateThe ultimate defining characteristic of a hero is their willingness to sacrifice themselves for others.
groupThe group defining the context of the target can be identified as a stakeholder.
analyticalThe analytical defining characteristic of a tomato is its fleshy fruit.
earliestScientists cited the earliest defining evidence for the virus Entamoeba as an index fossil.
mutualThe candidates' mutual defining was essential for the growth of their leadership skills.
closerThe closer defining factors of the situation are unknown.

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