Adjectives for Definitions

Adjectives For Definitions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing definitions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'definitions' can significantly alter the tone and clarity of your sentence. Different definitions can imply a variety of interpretations, whereas operational definitions focus on practical application. With many definitions, the extent of a concept's complexity is highlighted. Following definitions suggest a sequence or adherence to established ones, and various definitions indicate a range of possibilities. Precise definitions, on the other hand, aim for exactness and specificity. Each adjective nuances the term 'definitions' in unique ways, enriching your content with deeper meaning. Explore the full range of adjectives to discover how they can enhance your understanding and use of 'definitions'.
differentReading is for the mind as exercise is for the body, especially when done with different definitions
operationalThe validity of operational definitions is dependent on the degree of inter-rater reliability.
manyWords can have many definitions
followingFollowing definitions are present in the dictionary.
variousThe term has various definitions
basicThe basic definitions of the terms used in this document are provided in the glossary.
legalThe legal definitions of the terms were different from the common definitions.
formalThe formal definitions of words are important for understanding the meaning of the language.
clearThe legal document should list clear definitions as well as consequences.
aboveThe above definitions are not consistent with the rest of the document.
mostThe magnanimous benefactor provided the most definitions for uncommon words.
traditionalThe traditional definitions of beauty emphasized symmetry, proportion, and harmony.
standardStandard definitions provide precise and commonly accepted meanings of words and phrases.
specificThis service uses specific definitions to ensure consistency in the results.
culturalWe should respect other cultural definitions
currentThe current definitions of the term are broad and varied.
exactThe exact definitions of these terms were unknown to the public.
possiblePossible definitions are dependent on the context.
variableThe variable definitions for the function are declared at the beginning of the function.
explicitExplicit definitions explicitly state the meaning of a term.
conventionalWe must challenge conventional definitions of success.
narrowWe must avoid narrow definitions of terrorism.
briefThese are the brief definitions of sentences.
previousThe new interpretations conflict sharply with previous definitions of the problem.
broadThe broad definitions of the terms allow for a wide range of interpretations.
conceptualConceptual definitions are a type of definition that provide a general overview of a concept.
detailedThe detailed definitions of the terms were provided in the glossary.
numerousThe word has numerous definitions but the most common refers to the ability to move on one's own.
officialThe official definitions of words are often found in dictionaries.
abstractThe abstract definitions are complex and difficult to understand.
statutoryStatutory definitions are legal definitions that are established by legislation.
mathematicalHe understands the mathematical definitions but has not attempted to apply them to solve problems.
earlierThey based their analysis on earlier definitions of regime type, which had ignored dynastic succession and sudden changes in regime type.
strictLegal documents often have strict definitions for important terms.
technicalThe technical definitions of the terms 'entropy' and 'information' are often confused.
macroMacro definitions refer to a special form of text substitution that can be done by a preprocessor.
keyWe clarified key definitions before the meeting.
nominalThe dictionary defines the word as a noun, but its nominal definitions are not exhaustive.
dictionaryI looked up the dictionary definitions of the word 'dog'.
functionalFunctional definitions are those that define a concept by specifying its function or purpose.
theoreticalWe need to agree upon theoretical definitions before starting the project.
usefulThe useful definitions can help you a lot with your research.
appropriateThe concept of blockchain was proposed with appropriate definitions
preliminaryWe begin with the preliminary definitions of a graph, a directed graph, and a walk.
arbitraryWe all operate based on arbitrary definitions of what is good and evil.
usualThe usual definitions do not apply to this extraordinary situation.
broaderWe are going to need broader definitions for mass and energy if we want to accurately describe phenomena across the observable universe, especially at the most extreme scales.
fundamentalThe fundamental definitions of the universe are unknowable.
rigidThe rigid definitions of the law made it difficult to interpret.
contemporaryThese conceptions are not well integrated in the contemporary definitions which instead tend to focus on access and participation.
ostensiveThe ostensive definitions of words are those that are given by pointing out examples of their use.
logicalLogical definitions use logical connectives like and, or, and not to define terms.
classicalShe fit well within the classical definitions of beauty.
relevantYou can find relevant definitions in the dictionary.
accurateThe data provided in the report contains highly accurate definitions
correctIt is crucial to ensure employees have correct definitions of their roles and responsibilities.
implicitImplicit definitions are definitions that are not explicitly stated in a text but are instead inferred from other information.
rigorousThe article's rigorous definitions clarified the complex concept of quantum entanglement.
adequateEnsure the document includes adequate definitions of key terms.
foregoingBy foregoing definitions we can more easily explore the concept of truth.
conciseThe book provides concise definitions of key sociological terms.
conflictingThe report was both praised and criticized for its conflicting definitions

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