Adjectives for Degree

Adjectives For Degree

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing degree, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of academia and professional advancement, the word 'degree' often finds itself accompanied by a myriad of descriptive adjectives, each adding its own nuance and implication. A 'high degree' of something suggests excellence and above-average standings, whereas a 'greater degree' emphasizes comparison and superiority. The specificity of a 'certain degree' adds clarity and definitiveness, while the 'highest degree' marks the pinnacle of achievement. When discussing equality or similarity, the 'same degree' is indispensable. Meanwhile, a 'considerable degree' signifies a substantial amount or level that is noteworthy. Each adjective, when paired with 'degree,' paints a precision-filled picture of intensity, scope, and comparison, offering rich insights into the subject at hand. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that best complement 'degree' and explore the subtle distinctions they bring to light.
highThe project was completed to a high degree of accuracy.
greaterThe new technology has a greater degree of accuracy than the old one.
certainI know to a certain degree that is not true.
highestThe equation had the highest degree of 3.
sameThe two angles have the same degree
considerableThe results demonstrated a considerable degree of variability.
higherThe mathematician earned a higher degree in algebraic geometry.
greatThe researchers discovered that a great degree of planning and coordination is necessary for a successful mission to Mars.
lesserThe lesser degree of success that she achieved was still impressive.
largeThe project was delayed to a large degree due to unforeseen circumstances.
smallThe change in temperature was only a small degree but it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable.
significantThe research study found a significant degree of correlation between the two variables.
remarkableThe performance of the new technology was characterized by a remarkable degree of accuracy.
markedThe professor marked the students' work with a marked degree of severity.
slightThe change in temperature was of a slight degree
lowThe student with a low degree was not able to get the job.
slightestThe slightest degree of moisture was enough to set off the reaction.
thirdThe police used a third degree to get a confession from the suspect.
honoraryShe received an honorary degree from Oxford University.
fairHe has a fair degree of knowledge on that topic.
moderateThe patient experienced a moderate degree of pain after the surgery.
limitedThis has extremely limited degree but it can be observed.
greatestThe polynomial of greatest degree in the expression is 3.
reasonableThe company is committed to maintaining a reasonable degree of profitability.
extraordinaryThis machine has an extraordinary degree of precision.
unusualThe unusual degree of success made him a legend in his own lifetime.
equalBoth the cars are running at equal degree
leastThe polynomial of least degree that passes through the points (1, 2), (2, 4), and (3, 6) is a quadratic.
medicalI am working on getting my medical degree
extremeThe heat was reaching an extreme degree as if the sun itself was angry at the world.
eminentThe eminent degree of their commitment to education is unmistakable.
sufficientThe analysis uses a qualitative and quantitative approach, which has a sufficient degree of reliability and validity.
substantialThe new findings provide a substantial degree of support for the hypothesis.
advancedShe earned an advanced degree in engineering.
relativeThe relative degree of the two companies is determined by their market share.
undergraduateI earned my undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.
smallestThe smallest degree of the polynomial is one.
minorThe errors are of minor degree
maximumThis function has a maximum degree of 3.
variableThe importance of a variable degree of force cannot be underestimated.
mildThe patient presented with a mild degree of confusion.
surprisingShe spoke English with a surprising degree of fluency.
fourthThe criminal was charged with a fourth degree misdemeanor.
lowestThis is a sentence with the lowest degree
appreciableThe company has seen an appreciable degree of growth in the past year.
unprecedentedThe unprecedented degree of innovation in the tech industry has led to rapid advancements in various fields.
exactThe exact degree of temperature was measured by the thermometer.
academicShe received her academic degree from Harvard University.
correspondingAn increase in polynomial of a certain degree corresponds to a solution of corresponding degree of a differential equation.
utmostShe raised her hand to the utmost degree of expression, showing her anger.
astonishingWith an astonishing degree of accuracy, the scientist predicted the outcome of the experiment.
uncommonShe has an uncommon degree in environmental studies.
fifthThe judge sentenced the defendant to a fifth degree felony.
minimumThe minimum degree of a polynomial that passes through all of the given points is 4.
minimalThe minimal degree of the polynomial is 2.
modestIt was a modest degree of success, but it was enough to satisfy him.
nthThe data was accurate to the nth degree
satisfactorySales of the product increased to a satisfactory degree in the last quarter.
excessiveThe excessive degree of heat caused the crops to wither.
exceptionalHer exceptional degree of competence impressed her colleagues.
preciseThe precise degree of accuracy was not specified.
alarmingThe alarming degree of pollution in the city has raised concerns among citizens.
intenseThe intense degree of heat made the air shimmer.
requisiteThe requisite degree of accuracy was not achieved during the experiment.

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