Adjectives for Delay

Adjectives For Delay

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing delay, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the intricate nuances of using adjectives with the noun 'delay' provides a deep dive into the complexity of time management and expectations. Words like 'further' and 'long' can evoke a sense of extended waiting, potentially invoking frustration or anticipation. In contrast, qualifiers such as 'little' or 'much' offer a more nuanced perception of duration and intensity, hinting at the varying degrees of impact delays can have. 'Developmental' and 'considerable' adjectives touch upon the consequences and significance of these delays, from personal growth to project timelines. Each adjective, when paired with 'delay,' colors the context with unique shades of interpretation and emotion. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'delay' and how they can articulate the subtleties of our experiences with time.
furtherThere has been no further delay in the release of the product.
longThe long delay in the shipment will affect the deadline.
littleThe package will arrive with little delay
muchThe project was completed with much delay
developmentalThe child's developmental delay was attributed to a genetic disorder.
considerableThe project was completed with considerable delay
unnecessaryWe must avoid any unnecessary delay in implementing these measures.
possibleThe train may experience a possible delay
undueThe company was criticized for the undue delay in delivering the product.
averageThe average delay for the project is two weeks.
longerThe longer delay allowed me to finish my work.
timeThe time delay between the two events was significant.
significantI'm sorry but I can't proceed with the transaction due to a significant delay
unreasonableThe unreasonable delay in the delivery of the goods caused a lot of inconvenience.
minimumThe minimum delay for the application to start is 5 seconds.
briefThe train arrived with a brief delay
totalThe total delay for this flight is approximately two hours.
maximumThe maximum delay for the response is 10 seconds.
leastHe finished the task with the least delay possible.
additionalDue to an additional delay the flight will now arrive at 11:15 pm.
yearThe project has a one year delay due to the pandemic.
endSorry, I can't write a sentence with "end delay".
unavoidableThe unavoidable delay in the project caused a major setback.
hourDue to an hour delay I could not make it to my early morning meeting.
monthThe project will have a one month delay but we should be able to catch up by the end of the year.
dayDue to unexpected circumstances, we regret to inform you of a one-day delay in the delivery of your order.
initialThe initial delay in the project was due to lack of funding.
seriousThe project was postponed due to a serious delay
meanThe mean delay was 10 minutes.
variableThe system introduced a variable delay to prevent overload.
inordinateThe inordinate delay in the project's completion caused significant financial losses.
constitutionalThe constitutional delay resulted in a postponement of the elections.
prolongedThe prolonged delay in the project caused significant financial losses.
constantThe constant delay in the delivery of the goods caused a lot of inconvenience.
minimalThe process was completed with minimal delay
unexpectedI had to postpone my meeting to a later time due to an unexpected delay
excessiveThe excessive delay in the report's publication has caused widespread frustration.
consequentThe consequent delay prevented us from meeting our deadline.
weekDue to a week delay we are unable to meet the deadline.
necessaryThe necessary delay allowed us to reconsider our options.
substantialThe package arrived with a substantial delay due to weather conditions.
tripThe trip delay was due to a mechanical issue.
synapticThe synaptic delay between these two neurons is about 10 milliseconds.
fixedThe project was completed with a fixed delay of two weeks.
overallThe overall delay in the project was attributed to a lack of communication and coordination.
slightestThe slightest delay could have disastrous consequences.
inevitableThe project's completion is facing an inevitable delay
relativeThe relative delay in the arrival of the package was due to inclement weather.
temporaryThe project encountered a temporary delay due to unforeseen circumstances.
markedThe patient experienced significant improvement, but with marked delay
lengthyThe lengthy delay was a minor annoyance, but it ultimately did not affect the outcome.
extraSorry for the extra delay we are experiencing some technical difficulties.
needlessHe reported the accident without needless delay
usualThe package arrived with its usual delay
fatalThe fatal delay of the train led to disastrous consequences.
rotationalThe system incurred a rotational delay when the rotational gradient changed abruptly.
indefiniteThe project was put on indefinite delay due to unforeseen circumstances.
unusualThe unusual delay in the delivery schedule caused a major inconvenience.
avoidableThe avoidable delay caused us to miss our flight.
apparentThe apparent delay in the project's completion could be attributed to unforeseen circumstances.
differentialThe differential delay between the two signals was measured to be 5 nanoseconds.
reasonableThe company responded after a reasonable delay
temporalThe temporal delay in the signal can cause serious issues.
protractedThe protracted delay in the project's completion caused much frustration for the stakeholders.
longestThe store was experiencing the longest delay in shipping items he had ever seen.
shorterThe shorter delay in response time allowed for faster processing.
interminableThe interminable delay left me feeling frustrated and impatient.
shortestThe flight leaves with the shortest delay
vexatiousThe vexatious delay in the project led to significant losses for the company.
appreciableThe signal arrived with an appreciable delay
tediousThe tedious delay made the journey even more frustrating.
resultingThe resulting delay caused widespread disruption to the transport network.
momentaryThe momentary delay while the door unlocked was just enough time for me to jump out of the way.
randomThis sentence has a random delay between words.
inducedThe induced delay caused a significant traffic jam.

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