Adjectives for Delays

Adjectives For Delays

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing delays, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the world of delays can be a frustrating or enlightening experience, depending on the context and the adjectives used to describe them. A 'long' delay suggests a significant waiting period, coloring our anticipation with dread or patience. 'Many' dips into the frequency, highlighting a recurring issue that may demand immediate attention. When paired with 'developmental', delays take on a more serious tone, implying a potential impact on growth or progress. 'Such' delays are often spoken about with a hint of exasperation or disbelief, whereas 'further' delays add to an already burdensome situation, exacerbating tensions. 'Unnecessary' delays, meanwhile, speak to inefficiency or obstacles that could have been avoided, hinting at underlying issues that need addressing. To explore the full spectrum these adjectives bring to 'delays', discover the extensive list below.
longThe travelers faced long delays due to heavy traffic.
manyThe train experienced many delays due to weather conditions.
developmentalThe child's developmental delays were attributed to premature birth.
suchHundreds of thousands of holidaymakers faced such delays
furtherThe project will be postponed due to further delays
unnecessaryThe unnecessary delays caused the project to fall behind schedule.
significantOur journey encountered significant delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
moreWe will encounter more delays if we do not fix the error now.
variousThe project has faced various delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
longerI'm afraid there will be longer delays due to the accident on the motorway.
unavoidableThe unavoidable delays along the detour caused us to miss the bridge lift.
seriousThe train is experiencing serious delays due to track maintenance.
lengthyThe lengthy delays caused widespread frustration and inconvenience.
bureaucraticThe project was delayed due to bureaucratic delays
costlyThe costly delays in the project put the company's financial stability at risk.
endlessThe project was plagued by endless delays
shortThere will be short delays on the line this morning.
vexatiousThe vexatious delays in the project frustrated the team.
unexpectedThere were unexpected delays in the delivery of the product.
possibleThere are possible delays due to weather conditions.
inevitableDue to the sheer volume of people, inevitable delays were sure to occur.
numerousThe project encountered numerous delays that added months to the original timeline.
interminableThe interminable delays caused frustration among the passengers.
additionalThere may be additional delays because of the inclement weather.
frequentThe frequent delays made the trip unbearable.
excessiveWe apologize for the excessive delays in processing your request.
usualThe train was running with its usual delays
administrativeThe project is facing administrative delays
unforeseenOur journey faced unforeseen delays due to inclement weather, but we finally reached our destination.
substantialThe construction project has been plagued by substantial delays
undueThe project suffered from undue delays and missed its deadline.
proceduralThe procedural delays caused the trial to be postponed indefinitely
inordinateThe company experienced inordinate delays in the delivery of its products.
variableThe system introduced variable delays to improve performance.
constantThe constant delays drove us all to the brink of insanity.
cognitiveThe child has shown signs of cognitive delays in areas such as language and social skills.
averageThe average delays on the train line were around 15 minutes.
potentialThere are potential delays with your order.
severeThere were severe delays on the motorway this morning.
frustratingThe project was plagued by multiple frustrating delays
legalThe project was further delayed due to legal delays
shorterWe can now expect shorter delays in our upcoming journeys.
minorWe apologize for any minor delays in service.
fewerWe are now experiencing fewer delays
tediousWe encountered tedious delays during our journey.
consequentMany flights were cancelled due to thunderstorms, with consequent delays for passengers.
unreasonableThe unreasonable delays in the construction project caused significant financial losses.
prolongedThe prolonged delays to the launch of the new product line have caused significant losses.
necessaryThe necessary delays caused us to miss our flight.
timeThe time delays associated with the experiment made it difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions.
unacceptableThe unacceptable delays caused me to miss an important meeting.
protractedThe protracted delays in the project frustrated the investors.
avoidableWe apologize for any avoidable delays your flight may experience.
needlessThe project was completed efficiently, without any needless delays
extensiveThe accident caused extensive delays on the highway.
innumerableThe project has been plagued by innumerable delays
randomThe system experienced random delays caused by unpredicted errors.
expensiveThe project was plagued by expensive delays
endThe new system aims to end delays and streamline operations.
slightThere may be slight delays in shipment due to weather conditions.
inherentThe inherent delays in the system made it difficult to complete the task on time.
occasionalThe occasional delays did not significantly impact the project's completion date.
signalOur train is delayed because of signal delays
unpredictableThe project faced unpredictable delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
minimumThe flight arrived with minimum delays
synapticThe synaptic delays in the brain are responsible for the speed of information processing.
regulatoryThe project has been subject to significant regulatory delays
minimalThe airline was able to ensure minimal delays allowing passengers to reach their destinations on time.

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