Adjectives for Delegation

Adjectives For Delegation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing delegation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a delegation can subtly shift the narrative, highlighting not just the origin or affiliation, but also implying specific characteristics, intentions, or perspectives. For instance, an American delegation might evoke thoughts of democratic representation or technological innovation, while a Soviet delegation could bring to mind historical geopolitical contexts or collective decision-making processes. Similarly, a Congressional delegation specifically points to a group with legislative duties. Each adjective, whether it be British, Chinese, German, or others, layers the noun with rich, international dimensions, suggesting a tapestry of cultural, political, and historical nuances. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'delegation' to discover the intricate stories they tell.
americanThe American delegation was respectfully welcomed by the host nation.
sovietThe soviet delegation met with the American president to discuss arms control.
britishThe British delegation consisted of six members.
congressionalThe congressional delegation visited the White House to discuss the latest developments in the budget negotiations.
chineseThe Chinese delegation visited the factory and praised the company's advanced technology.
germanThe German delegation arrived in Geneva for the peace talks.
indianThe Indian delegation met with their American counterparts to discuss trade.
frenchThe French delegation arrived at the conference yesterday.
largeThe UN sent a large delegation to the peace conference.
japaneseThe Japanese delegation to the United Nations met with the Secretary-General yesterday.
officialThe official delegation from Finland met with the President.
russianThe Russian delegation met with the United States delegation.
entireThe entire delegation agreed on the proposed deal.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary delegation met with the president to discuss the new legislation.
canadianThe Canadian delegation met with the Prime Minister this morning.
memberWhile a member delegation is in effect, the delegating member can become a member of the delegated member's parent organization.
palestinianThe Palestinian delegation met with the US Secretary of State in Washington.
militaryThe military delegation met with the foreign minister to discuss security concerns.
israeliThe Israeli delegation met with Palestinian officials.
polishThe polish delegation arrived at the summit.
manThe man delegation was responsible for negotiating the peace treaty.
italianThe Italian delegation will discuss the matter further at the next meeting.
egyptianThe Egyptian delegation met with the foreign minister to discuss the peace treaty.
jointA joint delegation from the United States and the United Kingdom visited the country this week.
effectiveEffective delegation requires clear communication and trust between individuals.
irishThe Irish delegation met with the UN Security Council to discuss the situation in Syria.
legislativeThe legislative delegation voted to approve the new bill.
hungarianWe are pleased to welcome the Hungarian delegation to this conference.
turkishThe Turkish delegation met with the American delegation to discuss the peace treaty.
australianThe Australian delegation has participated actively in every negotiating session of the Conference.
unconstitutionalThe unconstitutional delegation of power should not be tolerated.
cubanA cuban delegation will be attending the meeting tomorrow.
democraticThe democratic delegation demanded a full accounting of the expenditures.
levelHis level delegation simplified an otherwise complicated procedure.
arabThe arab delegation requested a meeting with the foreign minister.
communistThe communist delegation arrived in the capital for talks with the government.
yugoslavEight other delegations from the Yugoslav delegation joined the Polish delegation, but only after lobbying by the United States.
vietnameseThe Vietnamese delegation met with the United States delegation to discuss trade.
southThe south delegation elected a new representative.
republicanThe republican delegation voted against the bill.
largestThe largest delegation of the conference was from the United States.
mexicanThe mexican delegation arrived yesterday.
syrianThe Syrian delegation arrived in Geneva for the peace talks.
dutchThe Dutch delegation consisted of some of the most influential people in the country.
swedishThe Swedish delegation visited the White House.
permanentThe resolution established a permanent delegation in Geneva.
northThe north delegation will be responsible for the new project.
indonesianThe indonesian delegation arrived in the country this morning.
brazilianThe Brazilian delegation arrived in the country yesterday.
austrianThe Austrian delegation was warmly welcomed by the host country.
southernThe southern delegation arrived in Washington D.C. to discuss the issue of climate change with the president.
greekThe greek delegation was led by the prime minister.
iraqiThe Iraqi delegation met with U.S. officials to discuss security cooperation.
belgianThe Belgian delegation arrived in London yesterday.
bulgarianThe Bulgarian delegation to the UN has been working on a resolution to the conflict.
argentineThe Argentine delegation arrived at the conference center in the morning.
jordanianThe Jordanian delegation met with the UN Security Council to discuss the Middle East peace process.
formalThe formal delegation of authority should be documented and communicated to all relevant parties.
iranianThe Iranian delegation is scheduled to arrive in Vienna on Tuesday.
tibetanThe Tibetan delegation met with Chinese officials in Beijing yesterday.
philippineThe Philippine delegation to the conference was composed of five members.
spanishThe Spanish delegation arrived at the conference early.
solidThe manager employed solid delegation to empower his team.
norwegianThe Norwegian delegation did not respond to our request.
broadThe board of directors granted their new CEO a broad delegation of authority to manage the daily operations of the company.
ukrainianThe Ukrainian delegation to the talks arrived in Istanbul on Tuesday.
czechoslovakA Czechoslovak delegation visited the Soviet Union last month.
unlawful"Unlawful delegation" is when a person or organization assigns a task to another person or organization that is not authorised to carry it out.
koreanThe Korean delegation met with the US delegation to discuss trade issues.
romanianThe Romanian delegation arrived in Brussels yesterday.
pakistaniThe Pakistani delegation met with the American delegation to discuss the latest developments in the region.
improperThe project manager's improper delegation of tasks led to delays and missed deadlines.

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