Adjectives for Delivery

Adjectives For Delivery

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing delivery, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to describe a delivery can significantly alter the perception of the event it narrates. Whether the context is medical, such as a vaginal or premature delivery, or logistical, highlighting free or immediate delivery services, each adjective carries its own weight and nuance. For instance, an actual delivery speaks to the fulfillment of expectations, while a safe delivery assures the well-being of everyone involved. Each phrase molds our understanding and anticipation. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'delivery' to grasp the subtle shades of meaning each one adds.
actualThe actual delivery was scheduled for next week.
immediateWe offer fast and reliable shipping options with immediate delivery available for selected items.
prematureHer premature delivery was a surprise to the doctors.
freeGet your order delivered to your doorstep with free delivery
safeThe doctor ensured a safe delivery of the baby.
cesareanThe expectant mother opted for a cesarean delivery due to complications.
futureThe package will be sent via future delivery
normalThe mother gave birth to a healthy baby through normal delivery
effectiveEffective delivery ensures clear and impactful communication.
promptWe expect a prompt delivery of the ordered items.
oralThe pharmacist explained the oral delivery of the medication.
localWe offer local delivery for all orders over $25.
nonThe package was returned due to non delivery
difficultThe difficult delivery necessitated the intervention of a skilled surgeon.
timeThe time delivery was delayed due to the heavy traffic.
efficientThe efficient delivery of goods is essential for businesses to succeed.
rapidThe customer requested a rapid delivery of the goods.
lateI am sorry for the late delivery of your order.
successfulOur company is proud to announce the successful delivery of the new software.
timelyThe customer was pleased with the timely delivery of the package.
operative"Operative delivery" is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby.
quickI appreciate the quick delivery of my order.
physicalI prefer to receive the order through physical delivery
controlledThe controlled delivery of the package ensured its safe arrival.
reliableWe expect reliable delivery on all our shipments.
finalThe final delivery of the project is expected next week.
electronicI prefer electronic delivery of documents whenever possible.
easyThe baby's easy delivery brought joy to the family.
systemicThe systemic delivery of the drug ensures its uniform distribution throughout the body.
instrumentalThe instrumental delivery of the baby was necessary due to fetal distress.
mediatedThe mediated delivery of the message ensured its safe and timely arrival.
pretermAccording to the CDC, preterm delivery is the birth of a baby before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
speedyWe appreciate your speedy delivery service.
mereThe mere delivery of the package was enough to make her day.
fastThe company offers fast delivery services to its customers.
dayI need a day delivery for this package.
contentThe project will deliver content to a variety of devices via a content delivery network.
adequateThe caterers provided adequate delivery of all the party food.
careThe care delivery team worked hard to ensure that the patient received the best possible care.
slowThe slow delivery of the package made me impatient.
continuousContinuous delivery enables teams to deliver software updates more frequently and with less risk.
based"Based delivery" was a slogan used by UPS throughout the 1990s.
postThe patient received physiotherapy post delivery
subsequentThe subsequent delivery of the package was delayed due to inclement weather.
postalHe looked forward to the postal delivery every day.
dailyWe would like to sign up for the daily delivery of fresh produce.
regularThe company offers cost-saving discounts for regular delivery
vocalThe singer's passionate vocal delivery captivated the audience.
abdominalThe abdominal delivery was a success and the baby is healthy.
termThe baby was born at term delivery
forcepsThe doctor used forceps delivery to help the baby out of the birth canal.
onlineThe online delivery service was quick and efficient.
constructiveThe carrier was unable to complete the delivery due to the absence of constructive delivery information.
inadequateThe inadequate delivery of the package resulted in a late arrival.
manualThe document was sent via manual delivery
oxygenOxygen delivery is an essential function of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
distalThe distal delivery of the medication was successful and provided relief to the patient.
fasterWe're excited to offer faster delivery times to our customers.
traumaticThe baby was delivered via traumatic delivery requiring immediate medical attention.
electiveThe doctor suggested an elective delivery due to the mother's high-risk pregnancy.
accurateThe accurate delivery of the package ensured its timely arrival.
smoothHer presentation flowed smoothly with a smooth delivery
delayedThe delayed delivery forced us to postpone the meeting.
topicalThe topical delivery of medication provides targeted treatment to the affected area.
targetedThe targeted delivery of medication helped to reduce side effects.
preThe pre delivery inspection was completed successfully.
enhancedThe new delivery system has greatly enhanced delivery speed and efficiency.
improvedThe quick brown fox quickly jumped over the lazy dog and improved delivery
selectiveThe selective delivery service ensures that packages are delivered to the correct recipients.
intravenousThe intravenous delivery of the drug was successful.
instructionalThe instructional delivery was engaging and effective.

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