Adjectives for Dem

Adjectives For Dem

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dem, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the array of adjectives that accompany the noun 'dem' can greatly enhance the subtlety and depth of your communication. The use of 'german' can evoke a sense of specificity and cultural nuance, while 'strong' imbues a direct, uncompromising quality. 'Original' may suggest a pioneering or foundational aspect, whereas 'high' introduces a sense of superiority or elevation. Choosing 'definite' conveys clarity and decisiveness, and 'derived' hints at origins or sources, adding layers of meaning. Each adjective not only modifies 'dem' but also unfolds a spectrum of interpretations and connotations, enriching the narrative or dialogue. Dive into the full palette of adjectives to discover how they can transform your understanding and use of 'dem'.
strongHe is a strong Democrat.
highIn spite of the high demand, the company didn't increase the production rate.
definiteThe definite dem was not able to satisfy the demands.
griddedThe gridded dem provides a detailed representation of the terrain.
finalThe final dem of exams will be held next week.
hymnThe hymn dem was sung with great emotion.
totalHer total dem will appear soon on display.
republicanThe republican dem debates were very interesting.
regularI go to the regular dem every Thursday.
pluralPlural dem is plural form of that.
libThe Lib Dems have promised to invest in education and healthcare.
globalGlobal dem resolution now reaches better than 1 m.
cleanThe housekeeper will clean dem rooms at 9am.
goodrightGoodright dem shake dem head, this is so funny.
former"Former Dem" led police on high-speed chase before jumping into lake
pseudoThe pseudo dem is a term used to describe a person who claims to be a Democrat but does not support the party's platform.
detailed"It's a detailed dem" he murmured
entireWe've got entire dem bodies on the ground.
seeMe see dem at di store yesterday
interferometricThe interferometric dem is a high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) that is generated using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) technology.
incumbentThe incumbent dem will face a tough challenge in the upcoming election.
coarseShe washed the coarse dem cloths many times.
handyThe handy dem were able to fix the broken pipe.
basedHe based dem conclusions on guesswork.
usdHe earned usd dem during his work.
solitaryThe solitary dem wandered the wilderness, seeking solace.
netShe had a net dem of 100,000 on her earnings for the year.
hornedThe horned dem scratched at the ground with its sharp claws.
relativeJake is my relative demonstrating extreme generosity.
rawThe storm's raw dem ravaged the coastline.
democraticThe democratic dem won the election.
urbanThe urban dem is a type of pigeon that is found in cities.
peakNormally, the peak dem remains below the average market dem.
presidentialThe presidential dem was very unpopular.
meanNouns mean dem names. A-go-see come for dem one.}
conventionalThe conventional dem will be able to determine this distance of each solar-system.

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