Adjectives for Demand

Adjectives For Demand

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing demand, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe demand can significantly change the nuance of your sentence, highlighting various economic and social aspects. A great demand indicates a strong need or desire for something, while aggregate demand brings forth the total of all demands in an economy. Domestic demand focuses on the consumption within a country, distinguishing it from external demands. When discussing excess demand, we touch upon the surplus desire over supply, a critical indicator in economic analysis. Meanwhile, total and high demand reflect the overall intensity and quantity of the need respectively. Each adjective opens a different perspective on economic conditions and consumer behavior. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives shape our understanding of demand.
greatThe product is in great demand right now.
aggregateExpansionary monetary policy can stimulate aggregate demand
domesticIncreased government spending boosted domestic demand
excessPrices are expected to rise because of the excess demand
total"Total demand" is the quantity of a good or service that buyers are willing and able to purchase at a given price.
highThis latest gadget is in high demand
effectiveEffective demand is the demand for goods and services that is backed by the ability and willingness to pay for them.
publicThe public demand for high-quality public transportation has increased significantly in recent years.
greaterThe growing popularity of online shopping has led to a greater demand for delivery services.
popularThe show was added to the streaming service due to popular demand
strongOur products are in strong demand throughout the market.
finalThe final demand for a solution left all options exhausted.
localThe new factory will meet the local demand for plastic products.
constantThe restaurant was in constant demand due to its delicious food and excellent service.
futureWe anticipate future demand for these products.
foreignForeign demand for goods and services is expected to rise next year.
heavyThe product is in heavy demand and will require a wait time.
currentThe current demand for the product is high.
actualThe actual demand for the product was lower than the forecasted demand.
potentialThe potential demand for a product can be measured by estimating the number of people who are likely to buy it.
inelasticThe commodity's inelastic demand means that changes in its price will not significantly affect the quantity demanded.
maximumThe maximum demand for electricity is expected to occur during the summer months.
additionalThe additional demand for the product has led to a shortage in the market.
peakThe power grid experienced peak demand during the summer heatwave.
myocardialExercise increases myocardial demand
urgentThe urgent demand for blood donations left the hospital scrambling for supplies.
greatestThe job with the greatest demand is the one that pays the most.
steadyManufacturers struggle to meet the steady demand for goods caused by a surge in sales.
lessThe shop has less demand than usual in the winter.
insistentThe union had no choice but to accept the company's latest wage offer given the insistent demand from the rank and file.
internalAn increase in internal demand boosted the economy.
annualThe annual demand for our product is high.
overallOverall demand for products and services is expected to increase in the coming year.
sufficientWe are looking at a scenario of sufficient demand for oil in the medium term.
globalThe global demand for oil has been increasing steadily in recent years.
immediateThe immediate demand for her services was impressive.
external"External demand" refers to the demand for a country's goods and services from other countries.
excessiveThe excessive demand for tickets caused the website to crash.
suddenThe sudden demand for the product surprised everyone.
enormousThe opening night of the play was met with enormous demand for tickets.
hugeThe new product is in huge demand with people queuing for hours to get their hands on it.
formalThe company sent a formal demand for payment to the client.
relativeThe huge demand for the product, relative demand in the market, has been forcing the company to produce more.
limitedThe restaurant's limited demand meant that it had to close down.
widespreadThere was a widespread demand for his resignation.
tremendousThe product is in tremendous demand due to its unique features.
unsatisfiedThe company is facing unsatisfied demand for its products.
reasonableThe landlord's request for a reasonable demand was met with resistance from the tenant.
universalThe universal demand for food, water, and shelter drives economic activity.
seasonalSeasonal demand is a challenge that many businesses face.
extraThe extra demand for the product has caused a shortage in the market.
speculativeThe speculative demand for the new product was so high that the company couldn't keep up with production.
increasingThe product has been in increasing demand in the past year.
persistentMany companies are experiencing persistent demand for their goods and services.

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