Adjectives for Demands

Adjectives For Demands

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing demands, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe demands can significantly shape the perception of your message. Whether they're new demands reflecting changing conditions, political demands highlighting social or governmental needs, heavy demands indicating a substantial burden, or greater and excessive demands signifying an increase or an overload, each adjective brings its unique nuance. Not to forget, conflicting demands that reveal tension or disagreement. The adjective selected not only conveys the intensity but also the nature of the demands. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with demands for a richer, more precise expression below.
newThe company's new demands for productivity put a strain on the employees.
political"We will fight to meet the political demands of the marginalized community," the leader declared.
heavyThe job had several heavy demands
greaterAs the company grew, the greater demands of the job forced him to resign.
excessiveThe professor's excessive demands made the students feel overwhelmed.
conflictingI have conflicting demands on my time and attention.
specificThe union leaders presented their specific demands to the management.
physicalThe physical demands of the job were too much for me.
unreasonableThe employee's unreasonable demands led to his dismissal.
economicThe strike was called because of economic demands
environmentalThe company has been working hard to meet the environmental demands of the community.
furtherThe letter made further demands for money.
popularThe government responded to the popular demands by increasing taxes.
immediateThe company must meet its immediate demands for revenue growth.
futureFuture demands for professionals who not only meet the current high standards but exceed them are growing.
moralThe moral demands of society often conflict with individual desires.
religiousThe government must resist the religious demands of certain groups.
additionalThe union made additional demands before agreeing to the contract.
externalThe plan is still subject to external demands
constantThe constant demands of the job left her feeling exhausted.
legitimateThe students staged a protest, demanding the university administration meet their legitimate demands
urgentThe mayor faced urgent demands to resign.
financialThe company faced immense financial demands due to the acquisition.
reasonableI think my reasonable demands are fair.
germanThe German demands were met by the French government.
justThe protesters rallied behind their just demands
impossibleThe boss makes impossible demands of his employees.
cognitiveThe cognitive demands of the task were high.
practicalThe practical demands of life took their toll on the young couple.
extremeThe workers struggled to meet the extreme demands of their new project.
exorbitantThe union's exorbitant demands for higher wages and better benefits led to a protracted strike.
technicalThe architectural plans were lauded for their grandeur but criticized for their technical demands
territorialThe country has been making territorial demands on its neighbors.
sovietThe Soviet demands were immediately rejected by the United States.
exactingThe exacting demands of the job required her to work long hours.
radicalThe group made radical demands for the government to resign.
functionalThe functional demands of the job are likely to change in the future.
domesticThe government is struggling to meet the domestic demands for energy.
contradictoryHer contradictory demands made the negotiation process impossible.
oneOne demands a lot from someone that they're not even involved with.
ethicalThe ethical demands of the situation were overwhelming.
fewerThis machine requires fewer demands to run.
extraordinaryHer job placed extraordinary demands on her time and energy.
enormousThe project is facing enormous demands to complete on time.
extraThe merger has brought with it a number of extra demands on his time.
unrealisticDon't be so difficult, stop making unrealistic demands
severeThe project placed severe demands on our resources.
situationalEffective decision making often requires considering situational demands
japaneseThe japanese demands were not met.
multipleThe manager struggled to meet the board's multiple demands
intellectualThe course's intellectual demands exceeded the students' expectations.
extravagantThe CEO made extravagant demands of his employees to finish the project quickly.
dailyEvery day brings its own unique daily demands and challenges.
incessantThe incessant demands of her mother left her feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
stringentThe stringent demands of the job made it difficult to keep up.
unusualHis unusual demands left his family in disbelief.
minimumThe job posting had minimum demands for a high school diploma and three years of experience.

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